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Topic: Diablo II track question

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    Diablo II track question

    I love the opening to this track. This might not be the right forum to ask this, but what the hell

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    Re: Diablo II track question

    Sorry bout that. Last post got submitted prematurely. Anyway I was wondering what instruments make up the string texture at the beginning of the track. I\'m pretty sure it\'s a 12-string plus perhaps a hammer dulcimer? Also, I was also really curious about the reversed-sounding envelopes around 0:20 - anyone have a guess as to what that is?

    Here\'s the track

    -Matt Emery

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    Re: Diablo II track question

    Oops! Sorry guys! The liner notes say mandolin. Still curious about those reversed sounds though.

    I really can\'t get enough of Uelmen\'s stuff [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    -Matt Emery

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    Re: Diablo II track question

    There\'s nothing out there like Matt Uelmen\'s music. He\'s my favorite game composer because he writes so incredibly well FOR games. Sure, he\'s different than all the others, but in the end he\'s just an amazing guy with a great palette of original and creative ideas.


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    Re: Diablo II track question

    I\'ll second that. \"Tristram\" from the original Diablo game was just so atmospheric and the first game music that I wanted to listen to over and over again.


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    Re: Diablo II track question

    Who made the music for the Diablo 2 cut scenes?? I actually enjoyed that a lot more than the in-game stuff. Anyone know anything about it?


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    Re: Diablo II track question

    Hi Ed, I could be wrong but I was under the impression that Matt did all of the original music. I did find this;

    WarCraftIII.Net: Will the musical score be given full orchestration?

    Bill: I think Diablo II does a nice job of combining virtual orchestra sounds and live stuff. Matt Uelmen plays a lot of live instruments on the tracks. He\'s working on the Expansion Pack music right now.

    Glen Stafford, Tracy Bush and Jason Hayes, we have five musician and sound effect guys down at Blizzard South. They have been talking about using more live orchestration. It\'s definitely a whole different palette to be able to use. It takes a little longer to do that way and it\'s harder to make changes. For cinematics, is where it\'s really difficult because if an extra part gets thrown in or when they do a cut on the cinematic you then have to go back if you\'re already recorded it and it\'s a lot easier if you\'re using virtual orchestras. I think it will continue to be a mix but I know that there\'s a very strong desire to incorporate much more live musicians, everything from strings to vocals to horn players and a lot of things that there are just not samples for. For example, for Diablo II Matt uses a lot of live instrumentation. He\'ll go find some really weird instruments someplace because he wants to play it live on the track. But I know on WarCraft III they want to do a lot more of that stuff.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">There is also an interview with Matt here; http://www.rpgamer.com/news/Q1-2001/021901b.html

    I love this part; \"If there is a gig you want, be persistent to the point of a getting a restraining order put on you.\"


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    Re: Diablo II track question

    It\'s too bad he doesn\'t follow this forum. Good for him though because I\'d never stop asking him questions. He\'d have to put a restraining order on *me* [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Diablo II track question

    All of the in-game music for Diablo (I, II and IIx) was composed and performed by Matt Uelmen. The cinematic cut scenes for Diablo II and IIx were score mostly by Jason Hayes, with some contributions by Glenn Stafford and myself.

    The in game score for Diablo IIx (Lord of Destruction) was written by Matt and performed by the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kirk Trevor.

    Take care,


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