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Topic: Cubase/SB Live

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    Cubase/SB Live

    Hi, I\'m using Cubase 3.7 with Giga 1.61 along with Darla24 for Audio and SBLive for Giga. I used to have an EWS64XL in place of the SBLive. With that I was able to click on a midi track/channel within cubase and whatever I played on my midi keyboard would come out with sounds from the library loaded on the same channel in Giga. With the SBlive I can\'t do this anymore . . . no sound from the midi keyboard unless Cubase is closed and Giga is running alone, though previous arrangements with midi tracks will playing everything fine through giga, but still no sound when the midi keyboard keys are pressed. Anybody know how I might fix this? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Cubase/SB Live

    what happens when you play your midi keyboard in cubase? do you see midi in indicator flashing or not?

    if its not flashing thats because gigasampler takes midi input of your sound card. you can fix that if you run cubase first, and then gigasampler.

    there is another solution for that problem - you can use virtual midi driver (like hubi\'s loopback device - LB1). if you install it you can deactivate \"gigasampler/endless wave\" MIDI OUT and LB1 MIDI IN in MMESETUP of cubase. then you should set LB1 as your midi in in gigasampler. you will avoid any problems when any midi port is taken by one application and cant be accesed with another one, because that virtual midi driver is multiclient (if you can follow all this).

    if you have some difficulties with all this explanation email me at lakica@bits.net and i will help you step by step.

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    Re: Cubase/SB Live

    Thanks for the help Lakica, I got it to work. For some reason the midi in of Cubase MME setup was set inactive. Once I set that active it worked fine if I load up GS first, then Cubase. So both cubase and GS use the SB Live MIDI In, and the outputs are either both Darla24 (with newest drivers) or GS->SBLive, Cubase->Darla24.

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