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Topic: PC100 or PC133 ram for Gigastudio?

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    PC100 or PC133 ram for Gigastudio?


    I\'m wondering about upgrading my 256mb pc100 ram too pc133, since I\'ll get a t-bird 900mhz (together with an asus a7v mainboard) in the mail very soon.
    I\'ve read about this on the internet, and it seems to me that pc133 offers no or very little difference at all preformance-wise with games and typical 3dmark-test (reading a test with a duron700 and general comments on newgroups).
    I find this a little strange. I sure noticed improvent going from 66mhz to 100mhz.

    Have anyone tried out pc133 ram with gigastudio? Since GS load very large instruments from the harddrive and uses the ram as a buffer, could we see a large improvement here?
    Also, with a 900mhz, wouldn\'t the pc100 ram become a bottleneck compared to pc133?


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    Re: PC100 or PC133 ram for Gigastudio?

    One of the main advantages to using high quality PC133 memory is that you can set the CAS to 2 instead of the slower 3 for speeds less than 133MHz. And the improvement you noticed from 66MHz to 100MHz is a 50% increase vs. a 33% increase going from 100MHz to 133MHz, so that\'s why it doesn\'t seem as much. If you intend to run both GS/GStudio along with a sequencer on the same PC, then every little performance increase helps, so I\'d go with the PC133 memory.

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    Re: PC100 or PC133 ram for Gigastudio?

    Hi stmikkel.

    You\'ll only gain ram bandwidth if your board will run at 133Mhz. A lot of Athlon boards don\'t so I\'d check on that one. Not all 133 ram is CAS 2 either, but killer is right that can be a more important factor than the actual quoted ram speed for this type of setup.

    133 ram won\'t inherently run faster, it depends, amongst other things, on how fast your bus will run.


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