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Topic: A Sunday night comp

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    A Sunday night comp

    Or Monday morning for all you Europeans.
    Just wondering if I could get some thoughts.



    (still get queasy every time I\'m about to hit send.)


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    Re: A Sunday night comp


    First off, awesome intro.. I love it. Has a DEFINITE movie feel.. this screams movie theme. Maybe something military, maybe something superhero.. nice work!

    I\'d check out a couple dissonance problems between 1:27 and 1:32. The rest of the piece after 1:32 is slightly dissonant but I think that works ok. Just that one sequence doesn\'t seem to sit properly.. or maybe I\'m on crack. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: A Sunday night comp

    Very impressive stuff (especially on a Monday morning!!!).

    The arrangement is excellent. I liked the sense of anticipation at the very start, the way the strings build-up the suspense is also really nice.

    The mix is very clear and powerful. Nothing to fault with it.

    The brass is spot on and goes perfectly with all the percussions.

    After the swell at 1.15 I was half-expecting the change of mood at 1:45 to come earlier.

    If I was watching this in the dark I\'d be very scared [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]



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    Re: A Sunday night comp

    christianb, what libs did you use?

    I liked the dark feeling of the piece, however I missed some contrast in volume. I think you should have \"soft\" section after your swell at 1:15.

    Good job dude!

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    Re: A Sunday night comp

    Hey gents. Much appreciated.

    Sam: Our friend Leon agrees. He calls it \"Bocher weirdness\" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] While it is certainly on purpose, it may be uncalled for. Not military or superhero though. Just a ship tossed about on an angry sea. Thanks

    Rudi: Thanks much for giving a listen

    Falcon: Anything (everything) Maarten has given us, GOS lite with a touch of KH solo strings. Trumpet by TimZ (Thanks for the freebie Tim) Bass Drum by Tob (pitched down 5 steps, thank you too Tobias) Other percs- mutilated loops from Platinumloops. Oh, and... the seas just got rougher...can\'t go softer!

    again, thanks


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    Re: A Sunday night comp

    Hi Christian,

    Very nice! I especially liked the horn and your talent for making it sound real. Lots of building emotion, and I always like the abstract stuff.

    Looking forward to more pieces like this.

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