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Topic: Panning to a real orchestra...always?

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    Panning to a real orchestra...always?

    Hi people,I was wondering...in ALL the cases you use more or less the instruments of a real orchestra, do you try to pan them so the sounds are placed like the real thing, or do you sometimes go creative with the pannings as well?

    In case you sometimes change the pannings, what are the usual reasons? Maybe an unusual instrument into the equation or what?

    Just curious...

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    Re: Panning to a real orchestra...always?


    I am quite new at this but here are my thoughts on the subject ;-)

    I always try to go with the basic orchestral layout (altho\' there are lots of variants around). The reason for that is that I spent a lot of time creating templates for loading into my sampler. It\'s always one less thing to worry about when you want to jot down an idea or experiment.

    However, there are times when the layout needs a change. For instance if you are after a more diffuse sound, you might want to colapse the stereo image. Or if you need to emphasise a particular instrument you may want to pan it centre stage. Something I\'m often aware of, coming from a pop/rock background is the bass balance between left and right speaker. If the sound is balanced than a standard layout will do fine, but if you have an unusually heavy low-end, you might want to move the balance towards the centre. A lot depends on the intrumentation. I\'d say most of the time, the strings and winds remain in the same place but I often move the brass (esp. French Horns) percussions (Timp + Bass Drum) and Harp around.



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    Re: Panning to a real orchestra...always?

    Especially if it\'s a piece that doesn\'t use the standard orchestra, why not pan things where they want to be.

    For example, I just finished a cue with marcato strings, fr hns, trumpet doubled with chimes, flute, el bass, wah el guitar, and drums. The strings are spread out normally in stereo, the horns (melody) are in the middle, the trumpet (countermelody) is off to the right of center, the flute is to the left, the guit is hard right (very low in the mix), and the chimes are back and to the left (where they\'d normally be). I also have Tobias\'s snare drum playing along with the drum kit snare, and it\'s in the middle at the back of the hall, plus a couple of other things.

    I\'d probably balance the panning if I wasn\'t using the entire orchestra - which is also normal for chamber ensembles.

    Bottom line, it\'s legal to take liberties when you\'re not trying to be literal.

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    Re: Panning to a real orchestra...always?

    Yeah, I think it\'s a question of why not, rather than why. In my template everything is panned just like in most film scores. That way I don\'t have to worry about it anymore, although I do tend to do little tweaks to the panning (mostly with percussion).

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