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Topic: Trouble with GigaStudio 160, help wanted!

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    Trouble with GigaStudio 160, help wanted!


    Is it just me or have I missed out on some configuration quirk in GigaStudio or Logic? When setting up a midiloop through Logic 4.1.1, the loaded samples play back perfectly while I play the midi keyboard, but not if I try to play back a recorded midi track from the sequencer! GS indicates that it recieves midievents on it\'s ports during sequencer playback though, but NO SOUND IS HEARD! Frustrating to say the least!

    Anyone got a clue? The amp is on, speakers connected, volume up and the lot, but still NO SOUND!

    My machine specs are:

    PIII 500 > 560MHz
    128MB SDRAM
    SB Live! with I/O extension card (very early retail)



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    Re: Trouble with GigaStudio 160, help wanted!

    This has been discussed not too long ago under \"Workaround for GSt/Logic audio\" forum with an excellent solution from cc.

    Check out this link: http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum2/HTML/000529.html

    Btw, Logic Audio 4.2 is available for download at emagic web-site if you\'re using platinum or gold.

    All the best.

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