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Topic: Mixing EWQLSO AND VSL?

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    Re: Mixing EWQLSO AND VSL?

    Come to think of it, I actually have never had any trouble combining any library with another. And I have quite some libraries. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] There is always a way to find a good coexistence.

    So I wouldn\'t worry a bit about it.


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    Re: Mixing EWQLSO AND VSL?

    One evil little trick is to layer the QLSO ensembles on top of a legato VSL of the same instrument. You get the ambience of QLSO & the slide of VSL. Some dimension muting & envelope tweaks on the legato instrument help a bit and adjust the levels properly. Doesn\'t work as well for solo instruments of course.
    Its truly an evil idea!

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    Mixing EWQLSO AND VSL?

    I don\'t want this thread turn one of those \"wich is better\" discussions, but I would appreciate some information from QLSO and/or VSL users. I\'m wondering why some people turn these great libraries into pissing contest. Both of these libraries have strengths and weaknesses. VSL has performance tools and QLSO has power and ambience, both wich are very real.

    Now I was thinking, what about having the VSL Performance set AND QLSO? That way one could have pretty strong setting right? What worries me is that would the sound character be too different. For expample playng first some VSL legato strings and then switch to QLSO\'s staccatos. This setting would actually cost a bit more than VSL complete set (I\'m talking about pro edition) so is this even wise thing to do?

    Also other thing that worries me that would gigastudio pcs handle both VSL and QLSO\'s sampler. Would this cause some problems? I\'m not going to buy 3 pcs for VSL and other 3 for QLSO. What do you think?

    Thanks to all for your thoughts.


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    Re: Mixing EWQLSO AND VSL?

    they work nicely together, thats all I think I\'m allwoed to say at the moment.

    no wait, I also get to say

    I told you so! nyah nyah

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    Re: Mixing EWQLSO AND VSL?

    Thanks for your toughts!

    I really feel more confident that this could work. Still saving money though.

    I presume that Gigastudio don\'t step into Kompakt\'s toes. That they will work peacefully together in same computer? I\'m planning one Cubase SX pc with Atmosphere and three Gigastudio/QLSO DAWs.

    Thanks again!


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    Re: Mixing EWQLSO AND VSL?

    I don\'t think you\'d want to run giga and Kompakt at the same time, on the same computer, though. Kompakt/Kontakt prefer XP as well, but work on Win 98.

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    Re: Mixing EWQLSO AND VSL?

    Originally posted by Nick Phoenix:
    I don\'t think you\'d want to run giga and Kompakt at the same time, on the same computer, though.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Why not? I run Giga along with Kontakt (embedded in the Forte host) all the time on my \"Giga\" machines now. It enables me to make use of that last portion of memory that Giga seems to see at the moment. Works great. Is Kompakt any different in this regard?


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    Re: Mixing EWQLSO AND VSL?

    I\'ve also run both. Start Giga up, load SONAR, then use the Kontakt/Kompakt DXi plugs. I haven\'t given this a heavy duty test, but I know it at least works.


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    Re: Mixing EWQLSO AND VSL?


    For me it works very good. I can\'t promise that it will work without a hitch on every machine of course... I expected to have all sorts of problems but I decided to try it and to my surprise it worked fine. I have a single disk for samples in all of my three Giga/Kontakt machines, but I guess a disk for each app would be preferrable. As an example on the load on the 1 gig machine I load to 99% in Giga with VSL and then a piano (Bigga Gigga Studio Grand 88) and some VSL cube patches in Kontakt. I get beyond the Kontakt low memory warning and then some with this config and it still streams fine. It\'s not the recommended way of doing it I guess, but it works and both apps are totally stable. On your 2 gig machine you should be able to load alot of samples in Kontakt before you reach that point. Even if you leave 200MB on that machine you could set aside an additional 700MB for the streaming buffer in Kontakt...

    I guess it\'s possible you could see streaming problems if you use alot of poly in both apps at the same time and have a single hard disk but I haven\'t reached that point yet. On the other hand, my purpose is to be able to use more memory intensive patches, not neccessary increase the polyphony count.

    BTW, the reason I use Forte as a host for now is that I can apply other VST/DX plugs to Kontakt or have multiple instances running or even other soft synths. That said...FX Teleport will be THE solution once it allows the host to disconnect and reconnect to the servers without reloading all samples.


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