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Topic: Atmosphere vs. Absynth?

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    Atmosphere vs. Absynth?

    I will eventually be grabbing Stylus & Atmosphere to cover the electronic side of game music. But now Absynth has been brought to my attention. How does it compare to Atmosphere? It\'s important for me to have access to tons of premade sounds that I can mess with. I\'m not looking for a 100% from-scratch synth, if that\'s what Absynth is. I\'d like to quickly jump in and grab a cool sound as opposed to spending two hours tweaking dials to find the right sound. (I suck at synths) [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Opinions on these two apps are welcome..thanks!

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    Re: Atmosphere vs. Absynth?

    These are 2 very different beasts really. They both come with alot of wonderful sounds and both are very powerful although Absynth can take you very much deeper with your own programing if you want to go there. Absynth is very good at complex rhythm things while Atmosphere is suited for rich layers. You can bring your own samples into Absynth while Atmosphere is closed to that.
    Having both is a very powerful combo. If I were doing game music I might choose Absynth 2. Listen to the Matrix Reloaded score. It\'s all over that.

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    Re: Atmosphere vs. Absynth?

    I have both and love both. For games I\'d probably choose absynth first, but Atmostphere is amazing too. Actually, Eric used some Absynth stuff in the creation of Atmosphere. Periodically I\'ll be scrolling through some Atmostphere sound and think \"hey that\'s absynth\".

    Absynth has VERY distinctive cool sound. It\'s very sharp. The sounds that ship with it are useful. I think with Absynth 2 (which I\'ll be upgrading shortly) the editing looks more in depth, which could be cool. I haven\'t ever dug into the absynth editor and i\'ve used it to create some cool stuff. Everytime I use it my client\'s ears turn and say \"cool, what was that\".

    With Atmostphere they just say \"wow, cool sounds\". So, In my book, Atmostphere is amazing polish. The sounds are silky, smooth, and fat. Eqs are great, and it just sounds wonderful. Absynth is a great car though. You can change out parts, you can make the body what you want, and it\'s going to be cool. Then polish it with Atmosphere.

    Again, i use both - so you too should use both!

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    Re: Atmosphere vs. Absynth?

    Atmosphere is incredible. My only complaint is I don\'t think it has any synth flutes (any proficient Atmosphere users can confirm this?). I heard Absynth have some and they sounded great. Otherwise I think Atmosphere has a lot of amazing sounds. It\'s probably the best purchase I\'ve made for music.

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    Re: Atmosphere vs. Absynth?

    Not sure what you\'re looking for by the way of synth flutes, but there are some flutish type patches in the \"Flutey Pads\" section.

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    Re: Atmosphere vs. Absynth?

    Yes those are great, for a paddish kind of sound. I do not know if I am using the right terms, but I\'m looking for a synth flute that can play a lead that sounds synthish and not paddish - if that makes sense.

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    Re: Atmosphere vs. Absynth?

    I like Atmosphere alot. The one critical thing it\'s missing is syncing to tempo. Absynth does that. So you can do all kinds of cool arpeggio type stuff that\'s in tempo with your track. Granted, Atmosphere\'s more designed for pads, there are lots of presets with pulses to them which would be so much cooler if they could sync. I find myself using the old Virus alot more for that reason alone....


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    Re: Atmosphere vs. Absynth?

    Dudes, whats the difference between absynth and reaktor, i\'ve reading, and they both seem like the same to me, actually i\'m having trouble choosing a native instruments product since there are so many...

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    Re: Atmosphere vs. Absynth?

    You\'re right about there just being too much great stuff to buy! I\'m still not sure Absynth 2 will give you the leads you want though... I don\'t think of Absynth as a lead inst. I don\'t think I\'ve ever used it that way. I guess I could.... but I haven\'t. you might be more intrested in some of the other products on the market. It\'s not specifically the coolest new synth, but I find Pro-52 quite useful. Also some of Emagic\'s plugs are pretty cool for lead/synthy stuff. They have a very specific sound. I can always tell when it\'s an emagic synth!


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    Re: Atmosphere vs. Absynth?

    Thread redirect ::

    I was wondering ..... i use Absynth 2 via V-Stack on a slave computer ... hardwired (no teleport, etc) .. my master computer is a G4 running Logic6 ...

    question .... am i able to control tempo based patches of Absynth from the tempo master in Logic ?? I change the tempo and nothing changes.

    I still havent registered, so maybe i should authorize Absynth on the mac ... any thoughts ?

    Can tempo changed be transmitted to V-Stack ?

    BTW: get both! Atmosphere and Absynth 2 are completely different monsters; both equally inspiring!


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