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Topic: Gigastudio: Memory Leaks and other issues

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    Gigastudio: Memory Leaks and other issues

    Has anyone noticed memory leaks with the current version of Gigastudio? I\'m not sure if the \'Memory\' status indicator is accurate or not but I\'ve noticed that performances imported from Gigasampler v1.6 eat up a lot more memory under Gigastudio than with the old system. For the leak, as an experiment I loaded up several instruments under Gigastudio. The \'Memory\' indicator flashed %30. Ok, so far so good. I then used the \'Reset\' button to clear everything, \'Memory\' status still showed %30. I went back and loaded up different instruments, \'Memory\' status flashed %51. I only had to do this 3 or 4 times to get my system to crawl to a stop (PIII550,384mb)
    I find that 16-instrument performances under Gigastudio draw sometimes upto x2.5 the resources (excluding any fx) than under Gigasampler. I\'m at a loss to explain why. At this point it\'s a little frusrating because for me the major impatus for the upgrade to Gigastudio was the extended 64 tracks instead of the limiting 16 under Gigasampler.
    One other issue is sample editing. It used to be that when I finished editing a loaded instrument, Gigasampler conveniently and logically returned the newer saved instrument back to its spot. Whenever I do this under Gigastudio the system kicks the instrument back into Port 1 Channel 1. If there is an instrument there loaded it overwrites it. I\'m not sure if there\'s a setting or maybe it \'s something I\'ve overlooked.
    One last thing: s-converter or whatever that is there in the Quicksound database. Anyone notice that the converter behaves even more strangely then it ever did when it was a standalone application? Normal S1000 akai discs I have used under s-converter now at random times freeze up with Quicksound or just don\'t respond at all. I\'m not very fond of the whole Quicksound experiment (nifty idea but the implementation is messy) At times it takes longer for me to find and locate instruments than with the old, plain directory under Gigasampler. I think the current system benefits those who have an extremely chaotic way of organizing samples but if you have groups of instruments under their own directory and subdirectories, what\'s the point of a database? I guess it would come in handy if you had a library of 5000 fx samples and you need to find
    \'Airplane engine\' but how many fx sound designers use Gigasampler?


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    Re: Gigastudio: Memory Leaks and other issues

    As a followup to the above mentioned memory leak, I\'ve tried unloading instrument before using the \'Reset\' button and that seems to actually clear/release the instruments from memory. I guess that is a work around for now, until the problem is fixed via a patch.


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    Re: Gigastudio: Memory Leaks and other issues

    I’ve had the memory “stick” at 50% a few times. Even exiting GSt and re-starting didn’t clear it. A reboot was necessary.

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