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Topic: GSt dropouts - only 16 voices

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    GSt dropouts - only 16 voices

    I just got GSt, and I think it\'s great.
    thanks, nemesys!

    but I tried to play my old GS performances
    and the GSt audio is dropping out. I only
    get about 16 voices.
    for example, if I try to play a loop and some drum hits on 6 channels, the first channel (the one that contains the drum loop) gets muted/dropped, or I only hear the tiniest first bit of it....

    could it be that the beefier GSt is showing the limitations of my IDE (quantum fireball SE) drive?

    I seem to remember that polyphony had something to do with seek time, but I wouldn\'t expect such a drastic shortfall in moving from GS to GSt.

    if I mute the other tracks, the loop comes through loud and clear.

    PII 400, 256 Mb RAM
    Gina 5.02

    o wise oracle, please help.

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    Re: GSt dropouts - only 16 voices

    Hi, I have been having this problem for over a year, even with Gigasampler. I have yet to solve this problem with little or no feedback from Nemesys. Let me know if you hear anything. Thanks.

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    Re: GSt dropouts - only 16 voices

    a fresh re-installation of cubase, GSt, and
    my Gina card drivers seems to have solved
    the problem.

    now if cubase would quit freezing, I might actually write some music. talk about a buzzkill....

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