Hi all,

A strange problem here. On loading ANY gig file, the output sound comes over warbly (similar in fact to the return bus on a reverb). I\'m fairly new to GS and have \'til now used soundfonts with the SBLive thro\' the DSP Factory, which have come across extremly well.

I tried an export from sf2-> gig and opened the file in GS. However, this too had the warble. I\'ve checked the dsp section for any effects assignments but all is fine.

Has anyone come across this problem and if so which magic button do I press \">

Hope someone can help.

All the best


My setup:

Gigastudio 160
Cakewalk v9.03
DSP Factory
BH6 motherboard with 600E processor
256 MB RAM
Adaptec SCSI UW2 card
Seagate Cheetah scsi drive (for audio)
Maxtor UDMA drive for programs