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Topic: Is This Correct?

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    Is This Correct?

    Could anyone verify if this assumption is correct:

    A one velocity instrument with different release times uses up one group for each release time?

    For instance if you created a piano with only one velocity, it would require several groups to allow for longer releases in the lower octaves?

    Assuming there are no release samples, but you are using the ADSR controls to adjust the realease.


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    Re: Is This Correct?

    You can do this with one group only.
    You can adjust the release time (or any parameter BTW) based on key-positions. Just open a new modulation source below the EG window and select extrenal sources>key position. If you slide the fader in the negative and let it control the release it will play the release sample longer when you play low notes and play it short when the notes are high.
    This keyposition control is also perfect for filter scaling and panning issues.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Is This Correct?


    You are outstanding! Thanks again for sharing your expertise!


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    Re: Is This Correct?

    Michiel beat me to the punch [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    hehee, I\'ll catch up to you dammit! I\'ll be the tweakmeister again I swear too you (shaking fist) hehee

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    Re: Is This Correct?

    calm down, I\'ve been doing a lot of Kontakt programming the last 3 weeks and I love every second of it, and so will you, your time will come...!

    My only problem is the tiny user interface design. I need a magnifying glass sometimes to see what I\'m doing. In fact I have this dual VGA card that can magnify a section of the main screen on the second one for detailed editing...
    I\'ll try that tomorrow.

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