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Topic: RME and NUENDO

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    RME and NUENDO

    Why are the RME Audio Systems almost identical to the NUENDO Audio systems? Are they actually the same Audio Systems?

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    Re: RME and NUENDO

    By \"audio systems\", I assume you mean \"digital audio interface\". Yes, all Steinberg cards are made by RME. Exactly the same cards, except they lable it \"Nuendo\" or whatever.

    The one exception is the new VSL 2020, which apparently is not made by RME. I\'m trying to find out who makes it, since I\'m considering the 2020 for purchase.

    However, if by \"audio systems\" you are refering to the computer that Steinberg is now marketing, I have no clue.


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    Re: RME and NUENDO

    I meant just the audio cards. So I was right that most Nuendo are the same as RME.

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