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Topic: Free Hand Drum gig for you

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    Free Hand Drum gig for you


    I made my first .gig using a 16\" remo Hand drum.

    This first mp3 example is the 16\" played by me impromptu, so you can hear the potential of the drum (sorry my time stinks, oh well [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] )


    For a master example of hand drum playing listen to anything by Glen Velez.

    This next example is the hand drum .gig I made. I quantized it 100%.


    (Glen Velez\'s time is sooo tight that he sounds quantized. I saw him live and he was amazing. I wonder if he has batteries built-in or something.)

    I have the 22MB .rar compressed gig at my website. It\'s located at the very bottom of the page under \'Other Compositions\' entitiled Hand_Drum 16.rar

    Here\'s the link

    feel free to downlaod it and use it as you please. There are no commercial restrictions on it. I will only keep it on my site for about 2 weeks.

    I welcome any feedback about the .gig to help improve my chops on building gigs.

    The drum was recorded in my room made of cement [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] Barking dogs, people upstairs dropping things, computer noise leaking under the door, etc i know, I know...not ideal. I just wanted to get some practice at making a .gig.

    I have 5 other hand drums all smaller incrementally than the 16\". I will probably start sampling those as well after I get some feedback about this 16\" drum.

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    Re: Free Hand Drum gig for you

    Thanx a lot! Downloading it right now. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Free Hand Drum gig for you

    Yeah thanks!

    Sounds very good. Couple effects you recorded were cool too.

    Thanks again!


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    Re: Free Hand Drum gig for you

    Thanks for the drum, Steve. Nice website. Looks like you\'ve found a niche in music for children\'s books. Well done!


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    Re: Free Hand Drum gig for you

    What country are these hand drums from? (Trying to find the ethnicity of it) I liked the demo very much. Will get the gig ASAP.

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    Re: Free Hand Drum gig for you

    Thanks, all. I hope you use this drum and let me know what kind of tweaks you would have done to make it better. I\'m really interested in learning how to build a flexible .gig. I\'m very new to learning how to use the Giga Editor even though i\'ve been using Gigasampler/GigaStudio for the last 5-6 years. The other day, I just decided to enter the power user area of sampling. It\'s amazingly fun!!

    These drums are called Frame drums because they are made of a frame (usually wood) and some kind of head (made of animal skin or plastic). The frame drums (aka Hand drums) recorded in this .gig are by Remo and are made of PLastic. They aren\'t tunable so whatever pitch they come with, that\'s it. A picture of then is here. They are the \'Pretuned ones down the page.


    I can\'t encourage you enough to get a frame drum if you ever come across one. They are so minimal and non flashy in nature, but you can do some amazing sounds with one.

    Also, if you ever run across a Glen Velez CD, buy it!!! The master frame drummer will inspire you to no end. In concert all of his technology is in his hands and this simple but expressive drum.

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    Re: Free Hand Drum gig for you

    BTW, I should post what articulations are present in the gig to help make sense of some of the sounds.

    At middle C4 (and D4) is the main tone of the drum called \'Dum\' played by the right hand thumb

    at C#4 and Bb3 is the right hand cupped hit the center of the drum as a damped sound

    Notes A3 and B3 are the left hand index finger and middle finger playing the rim of the drum.

    Notes E4, F4 and G4 are the index, middle and ring finger of the right hand playing the rim of the drum

    Notes E3, F#3 and F3 are the left hand ring finger snapping against the rim of the drum. Sometimes it\'s just a snap sound only using the ring finger, Other times it the snap sound with the right hand pushing the drum head in or lightly resting against it to produce harmonics

    Notes C3-E3 are effects of the snapping left hand with the right hand pushing the center of the drum in and out.

    Notes Eb4 and Bb4 are the right hand rubbing the drum head with the skin of the fingers

    Notes F#4 and G#4 are right hand nails rubbing the head of the drum

    Note A4 is right hand knocking on the frame

    Note B4 is the gold ring (wedding band) on my left ring finger hitting against the frame

    Notes C5-E5 are the right hand going over the head of the drum to produce a tone (much like a violin goes over the string with the right amount of pressure to produce a tone from the string)

    OK. That\'s all of them.

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    Re: Free Hand Drum gig for you

    Hey Steve,
    Thanks for that. I was in the middle of doing a track that required a perc of some kind and yours fit in quite nicely. For the purposes of this particular comp, I pitched it down 5 steps. Sounds quite nice. Particularly the rubs.
    Thanks again, you\'re a mench [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Free Hand Drum gig for you

    Marty (SteveH, whatever...) thanks! Nice drum. And the docs are useful, too.


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    Re: Free Hand Drum gig for you

    Any opinions about the playability of this Hand drum .gig? Are you able to get around easily with how the regions/sounds are set up?

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