Hello there.

I compose lots of piano music, and always had trouble getting Finale to play back my score properly, with the custom pedaling that I define. Even when I use the articulations Ped and * and go through my whole score with those markings, it isn't right. Because they only seem to apply to either the right hand or the left one: if I define pedaling according to the right hand, the left will somehow sustain from wherever the last Ped was defined. To get rid of that, I sometimes need to alter my score so that there is an eighth pause in the bass just before the next Ped marking. This is quite ridiculous. Sometimes, in order to have the * marking at exactly the right place, I need to regroup the longer half and whole notes in the right hand into smaller notes that make up the same length, tie them together and then set the * marking to the last note. It's silly.

I know I can notate whatever I need in the modern pedal marking style with the custom line tool. It's quite convenient if all you care about is the sheet music / the notation. But I want it to play back as well properly, without needing to change my score, add pauses everywhere etc. This is just stupid..

How can I do this?

As you can see, it's quite a simple score, just two measures so far, and it's pretty obvious how I want the pedal to be applied. It'd be fairly obvious even without any pedal markings, but for the sake of this example, let's forget that. The way this score looks right now - I could print it out and every pianist would know how to play the piece. But Finale is just weird when it comes to this.
Even if I used Ped and * (either with the articulation tool or custom line, doesn't matter really), the bass line will sustain and the markings I set will only apply to the right hand, which means that it doesn't affect all staves. Again, weird. All of this has lead me to forget about these old and aged Ped / * markings entirely. In fact, to get my sheet music, I always just draw the modern pedal notation between the clef and bass staves using the double-ended bracket tool and it looks perfect. But how can I draw the same thing and have Finale apply the pedal accordingly.. to both staves? Help much appreciated.