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Topic: Finale 2004 - Human Playback

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    Finale 2004 - Human Playback

    Look about this new feature in next Finale 2004 ...

    Finale 2004 - Human Playback

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    Re: Finale 2004 - Human Playback

    I\'m not impressed. [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img]

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    Re: Finale 2004 - Human Playback

    I suppose this would be a generally useful feature for someone who was only interested in creating scores but wanted a slightly more realistic playback without having to mess with it.

    But for sequencing, the only reason to use it would be if one had absolutely no sense of musicality whatsoever. Then, and only then, the software MIGHT do a better job at \'humanizing\' a song than an actual human would.

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    Re: Finale 2004 - Human Playback

    That is a nice feature and I look forward to it, but it would rather they just post either two .mid(s) or two .wma(s) so that the level of quality is the same. As it is you have one standard .mid file and one .wma that *could* have been rendered in SONAR, Cubase, etc. I\'m not against Finale -- I love it and use it for everything so don\'t think I\'m trying to discount the product.

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