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Topic: SISS Control Methods

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    SISS Control Methods

    OK, the Sonic Implants SISS site is a little sparse on technical details compared to GOS and leaves me with the following questions:

    -- Does SISS have the capability to crossfade between dynamic levels (for crescendos and diminuendos)?

    -- How about vibrato? Can you crossfade between different levels of vibrato?

    -- How is alternation between up and down bowings achieved?

    -- What about legato. GOS has this concept of \"masking samples\". How is this achieved in SISS? When trying to achieve legato in the Reason NN-XT, I remember having to set sample start to 15% in on all samples, overlay notes slightly, and turn on legato mode (thus causing the sampler not to retrigger the envelope).

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    Re: SISS Control Methods

    Bump this pup.

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