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Topic: Pentium 2 or 3?

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    Pentium 2 or 3?


    Would it be a difference (in performance: number of voices, FXs, channels) between running the GSt160 on a Pentium2-600 and on Pentium3-600?

    I have just upgraded from a P2-333 to a Pentium3-600 CPU, but my mother board recognizes this new CPU as a P-2!! (and not as a P3).
    Despite of all my efforts, I could not find an BIOS update, and to buy a new motherboard...well, it\'s to much for now.

    So I am considering to leave it like it is, a P2 @ 600 MHz.
    I know that the P3 has about 70 more (multimedia) instructions, so I would expect a decrease of performance...but if it is only 10% less - it is acceptable.


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    Re: Pentium 2 or 3?


    It sounds like you need to flash the BIOS to get it to recognize the PIII. What main board is it? There should be a web site. Have you contacted the vendor that sold you the computer? They should be able to help you out. Or perhaps check with the vendor that sold you the CPU.


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    Re: Pentium 2 or 3?

    Thanks, Lawrence for the reply.
    Yes, I\'ve tried everything. I am living now in Canada and the vendor is back in England and I\'m having dificulties to reaching them.

    I don\'t exactly know what MB it is, I can only tell what I see when I reboot:

    SIS 6326
    8MB Video Memory
    Bios: 1.23f
    Support Vesa Bios Ext.v2.0

    <<I think this is the AGP grasphics card whici in fact is built into the motherboard>>

    <<and below, the bottom line:>>


    I\'ve tried to find anything at SIS WEB site, then at AMI (where the BIOS is coming from). I run the program to identify the MB manufacturer and it didn\'t recognize anyone...
    People here (the computer parts dealers) do not have any clue.
    The point is that I don\'t have THAT much time to investigate THAT much over the Internet, etc, so I was considering to leave it. Changing the motherboard is again to difficult and time/money consuming (you have to load the drivers and so on).


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    Re: Pentium 2 or 3?

    Hi Mihmar,

    Your PIII will still be running at full tilt, nothing to worry about. If your system is running ok I wouldn\'t worry too much about it, it\'s just a cpu id error and wont slow your chip down.


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