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Topic: Good library for DJ scratches?

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    Good library for DJ scratches?

    I have a few in REX format that are ok, but nothing that really rocks. Have heard good things about some of the Spectrasonics plugs but am unsure as to whether they would cover this kind of thing. Crystal Method\'s \"Name of the Game\" has examples of what I would like to do.

    Has anyone come across any good programs/libraries/plug-ins for making DJ scratches?

    Thanks as always for your help!

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    Re: Good library for DJ scratches?

    hey blue, I got a good handful of loops from \"platinum loops\" Use Phatmatic to slice them up and they sound pretty good. I believe they have a few free ones you can check out. Good site. $34 for three months of downloading and they have a handful of gems there. Also have a few waves lying around from the akai site. If you want them e mail me


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    Re: Good library for DJ scratches?

    Stylus has a number of cool scratches of various sources.

    Check out Ned Bouhassa demo on the Spectrasonic site to hear it in action, great demo!

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    Re: Good library for DJ scratches?

    Or make your own with this app: http://www.serato.com/products/scratchse/

    I had great fun when playing with the demo. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Good library for DJ scratches?

    I would vote for Stylus as well.
    There are LOTS of them in there. A keyboard mapped full of different scratch sounds for each of the scratch categories (vocal, brass, effects, etc.)



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    Re: Good library for DJ scratches?

    Hi Everyone.

    Thanks for all of your input! I\'ve been interested in getting Stylus for a while, so, based on your recommendations, I think I will go for it.

    One question tho--

    Are the scratches in Stylus able to adjust to any tempo? Like a rex file or groove control file? Or are they fixed at a certain speed? That is one of the obstacles I have encountered with wav based scratches. I s\'pose you could always just timestretch them, but it would be cool if they would auto-adjust around the tempo.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Good library for DJ scratches?

    Hi Blue. I love the Stylus scratch set - it\'s very wide ranging. I have found that playing with the pitch controls on Stylus allows me to adjust the scratches I need to tempo. The cool thing with Stylus is that with one button, Zone Edit, you can easily change the editing mode so that you can tailor each sample\'s pitch. That said, it doesn\'t matter to me if the scratch sample is not 100% on tempo, as most improvised/live dj scratches will move around a bit.

    Oh, and you\'ll find a few more useful samples in that plug-in as well... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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