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Topic: New Legato Strings

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    Re: New Legato Strings

    I liked the demo, very rich tones and nice smoothness in the legato. A few questions:
    -Is there a single velocity?
    -How does it sound on faster passages?
    -Are the notes sampled chromatically?

    Thanks, and good work!

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    Re: New Legato Strings

    Perhaps an interesting question to pose here:

    What is the SOURCE Material?

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    Re: New Legato Strings


    Thanks for your positive review. To answer your questions:

    As I planned this set, I realized that I was after the dynamic level where \"beautiful\" is... boy can that be subject to a lot of interpretations! My notion of beautiful happens at about mezzo-forte and below. I tried some samples at a higher dynamic level but didn\'t feel they were what I was looking for, so, yes, there is a single velocity, about mezzo-forte, which I\'m finding also works very well in lower dynamic levels simply by lowering the volume level.

    I\'m working on a sequence that will demonstrate faster passages, based on a new idea I had just today. If it works, that will be wonderful. If not, well, then they belong in the slower, more lyrical passages.

    The notes are sampled at every third, sometimes, minor, sometimes major. Basically, I held the recording sessions and auditioned the samples I took from them, and sometimes re-assigned ranges according to my ears. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    That should also answer your question, Mel Tron. These are fully-licensed samples taken from recording sessions of my own. The string-players are getting a sales-based royalty as well as having been paid up front for the sessions.

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    Re: New Legato Strings

    Hey, those strings sound really nice. They remind me of Miroslav\'s strings! Very nice vibrato. Very melancholy! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: New Legato Strings

    Hi Roger

    Glad to see you are continuing your pursuit on this great concept.

    Give me a call when you get time.

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    Re: New Legato Strings

    I for one happen to think that the posted demo for these sounds excellent.. a timbre currently not represented in my libraries at all. But that\'s been remedied as I ordered my set before the demo even finished playing.

    They sound excellent, Roger, and I anxiously await my set.

    Thanks very much for making these available.

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    Re: New Legato Strings

    Are these the same strings that used to sell under the name \'string doubler\'?

    I must say that, for the price, they sound very good indeed.

    I never heard any \'string doubler demos, but I believe the idea was that you layered your strings on other libraries? Is this a departure? For sixty dollars that is one hell of a nice sound.

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    Re: New Legato Strings


    The strings sound beautiful, indeed. You\'ve captured the warm sound and apparently the playability which many of us have been looking for. Most of my questions have already been answered, except one--are the patches looped and if not, how long are the sustains? This is by no means a deal breaker--I\'m already reaching for the credit card. Just wondering.

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    Re: New Legato Strings

    greatzed, Francis,Ed,Z6,bjean,

    Thanks for your encouragement! I began with the idea of matching string timbres under the name of StringDoubler, which I think is still a good idea, but as I was conducting a session, listening to a new mic and room placement with sordino strings, the way to do this just hit me!

    Each of the samples is approx. 30 seconds long. They have been crossfade-looped from originals that are 5-6 seconds in length, so, they\'re not looped, they\'re just very looooong and very smooth.

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    New Legato Strings

    Although I haven’t been a contributor to these forums, I have been a reader and have appreciated the ideas that have been shared by all of you. Now, I have something that I believe is worth sharing. I have worked as a music professional for thirty years as a songwriter, singer, composer and recording engineer, and since the advent of EMU’s Emulator II, I have relied heavily on sampled sounds in my work.

    My greatest ambition in that area has been to make beautiful, realistic string samples, specifically for sweetening song-productions and film/video scoring. Creating smooth, lyrical melodic lines and rich, moving string sections through sampling has been my long-time goal.

    To make a long introduction short, I invite you to visit my new website http://www.midistrings.com, and listen to a demo of my brand-new strings, called MyViolins.


    Roger Hoffman

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