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Topic: Multiple programs in one GIG file?

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    Multiple programs in one GIG file?

    Hi folks, please excuse my ignorance, but is there anyway to add multiple instruments in GIG files? I\'ve created a few GIG files but the only way I know of having 2 or more instruments in a GIG file is to not use all \'regions\' for 1 instrument, but to split the regions and have different instruments that way.

    For example on a regular sound card you get 128 different instruments per channel. Can the same be done with Gigasampler files?


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    Re: Multiple programs in one GIG file?

    Can someone answer this question? I\'d greatly appreciate it.

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    Re: Multiple programs in one GIG file?

    Hi Alec. You can have up to 4 different instruments (gigs) on 1 midi channel, using the midi levels, to make a \"layered\" sound. You can also load different instruments to different midi channels. This would give you the equivalent of a midi instrument with different programs, and with layered programs. You are not limited to 128, since your hard disk can hold as many instruments as you have room for, but of course you can\'t load them all at the same time. You can also combine different sounds into one \"instrument,\" and can even switch from one sample bank to another using controllers (set up in the \"dimensions\"), but that instrument would load into only one midi channel.

    hope this helps.

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    Re: Multiple programs in one GIG file?

    Just keep on adding more instruments to your gig file. They will all be stored under bank 0. Then, when you go into your sequencer package you will be able to access them through the usual \"patch name\" method.

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