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Topic: special offer

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    Re: special offer

    Cool! But why does it say $75 at your shop then?? [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    special offer

    Spring madness?
    PPP is back!

    We are cleaning out the closets, and have a stock of the Post Pristine Piano Steinway D library that we will sell out for just $75. The PPP was the first 2 GB library of a 4 layer pedal up and 4 layer pedal down plus 4 layers of release samples I created in 1999. The library was praised by many to be the best piano at that time and still sounds very nice compared to some pianos out there in the market. As the former distribution channel (DMM) is no longer in business we decided to follow up on the library that hasn’t been available for a long time. We will post an articulation update in our website update section bringing the programming up to the current standards (making 16 velocity pseudo-layers available). In a future update I will bring the Maple+GRANDIOSO FX functionality available (adding the pedal noise, repedalling and extra release layers).
    Demos will be made available in our demo corner soon.
    The library has been added to our on-line store (go to postpiano.com) The library is only available there.

    Michiel Post

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