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Topic: Trouble with GS160 install

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    Trouble with GS160 install

    i got the 160 upgrade and have had nothing but trouble with it. I can\'t register because it says the reg. no. is invalid. I called nemesys twice and they were useless, putting me on hold then connecting me to someone\'s voice mail.
    OK, can\'t register no big deal. Other problem is loading the gigapiano. I put in the second disk and it doesn\'t load into the GS progaram, rather into the GS editor. So,
    i can\'t use the giga piano(how can i get it out of the editor and into the mixer?) . I can\'t use anything because the 160 doesn\'t come with any sounds apparently (as the load sounds window is empty, even after loading the piano into the editor).
    No desktop icon was created when i installed the 160 either, so i don\'t even know if the thing is properly installed, even though i\'ve done it three times.
    Very frustrating, can anyone offer any help?.
    I don\'t think i should have to ask for help on these very basic issues so if any nemesys person reads this i would like a refund if these issues aren\'t solved quickly. I don\'t expect to have to call nemesys long distance at my expense again and be jerked around by people who are either terribly incompetent or just don\'t give a ****. Hell it\'s not their money, time or frustration, right?


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    Re: Trouble with GS160 install

    I have a similar problem - unable to register Gigastudio. This is what I get:

    Thank you for your interest in GigaStudio160.

    Unfortunately we cannot Register you product due to an invalid Registration Code:
    The format is correct,
    Perhaps you mistyped a character.

    You may also want to confirm that the information
    you supplied (see the end of this note) matches the information in your c:\\Program Files\\NemeSys\\GStudio\\registration.txt file (especially FirstName, LastName, Company, CDKey, RegistrationNumber)

    The registration number is generated by installation program (I replaced the actual characters with \"X\"s), and it is not accepted by the registration routine at the startup. I tried Nemesys website, it doesn\'t work there, either. The above is an automated e-mail response from Nemesys, after I tried to register Gigastudio on their web site.

    I could e-mail my registration to Nemesys, but will that disqualify me from receiving the \"free\" FX? Only online registrations qualify, according to Nemesys. If there\'s a problem with such elementary things like registration of the product (which is in Nemesys\'s best interest anyway), how is that for building customers\' confidence in their product?

    Trying to call Nemesys and get someone on the phone could be classified as a joke, if it wasn\'t so frustrating.

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