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Topic: Does anyone know about Cue (formerly Opcode)?

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    Re: Does anyone know about Cue (formerly Opcode)?


    I hope you are well.

    Jeff Rona used to use it and I\'d imagine he would be a great person to ask. LAP and DP all do calculating hit points these days, so imagine the user base has lessened somewhat.


    Best regards,

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    Re: Does anyone know about Cue (formerly Opcode)?

    Thanks Didier. And of course I know about using sequencers! To me, they also make the idea of using detailed scene breakdowns seem totally necessary. You know, it used to take music editors almost as long to do them as it took composers to score the scene! Video capture has made that even more silly, since you just click to see where it is.

    But I was just curious whether anyone still works that way, since some old dogs don\'t want to hear about any new tricks.

    Thanks for the tip - I\'ll talk to Jeff Rona.

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    Re: Does anyone know about Cue (formerly Opcode)?


    Here\'s a link to the Cue program. Its being offered as shareware now. You may also want to mention another scoring program in your book called Clicktracks. The program was written by orchestrator Bruce Coughlin. See the link below. I\'ve been using Clicktracks for many years now and its a great program.




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    Re: Does anyone know about Cue (formerly Opcode)?


    \"And of course I know about using sequencers!\"

    Sorry, I didin\'t mean it that way. I know you do know your way around , no doubt much more than I. Your Yahoo LAP/TDM posts have been VERY handy to me on many an occassion.Total respect,24- 7/365.

    Just a thought as to how far and covenient all of these apps have become. I can only imagine compiling the timing notes and dealing with ye old click tome.....

    Hope you find the info you seek.


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    Re: Does anyone know about Cue (formerly Opcode)?

    I used Cue up till about 3 years ago...but even then I was exporting it to a midi file and then importing it into logic. While totally obsolete, it does have a really good interface that is very film friendly and appropiate. It even did feet/frames/click to BPM conversion, and I think it even creates a click track defined by frame clicks. Pretty pointless, but neat. Just for fun, maybe I\'ll define a cue\'s tempo by by quarter note = 11 3/8f.
    I think Cue even made sense up to a few years ago, when a lot of music editors were still doing their timing that way. Now it seems that the music editors have all the sequencers, and do spotting directly in LAP/DP and cubase depending on what the composer uses.

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    Re: Does anyone know about Cue (formerly Opcode)?

    Thanks very much everyone. And Dider, I didn\'t mean to sound huffy at all. Besides, you do a lot more scoring than I do, so I insist: *you\'re* The Man!

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    Re: Does anyone know about Cue (formerly Opcode)?

    P.S. I just discovered that Clicktracks still works on 9.2.2! You\'re absolutely right, it\'s a very cool program.

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    Does anyone know about Cue (formerly Opcode)?

    I\'m editing a book on scoring and need to find out whether this program is still around. Does anyone still use it? Does anyone in fact still work from detailed scene breakdowns?

    I\'ve left a message for the author, Rick Johnston, but meanwhile maybe someone knows?


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    Re: Does anyone know about Cue (formerly Opcode)?

    Hey Nick,

    For whatever it\'s worth, I think I\'m going to start using Cue again (I\'ll also investigate ClickTracks).
    Your Topic reminded me of how much I miss the feature I most used in Cue - the ability to immediately calculate the best Tempo for all my hit points to land on the quarter or eighth.
    Thanks dude. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Does anyone know about Cue (formerly Opcode)?

    Glad I could help!

    By the way, I\'d be interested to know whether Cue works on current OS versions, including OS X/Classic. Don\'t do anything extra, but if you find out during your normal travels, it would be great to know.

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