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Topic: Delving more into Celtic...

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    Delving more into Celtic...

    What would be a good library if I had to get even more into Celtic flavor? (more flutes/whistles, percussion such as the bodhran, Celtic harp, etc.) Any suggestions?


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    Re: Delving more into Celtic...

    heheh...I told you already dude..

    I have Celtic and it is filled with good sounds


    Easy to program and I belive there is a giga version as well..

    Then there is Celtic Instruments that I dont have but I would definetly grab if I was working on a celtic heavy project.


    Also ..World winds has a lot of bagpipes that sound nice authentic and dirty..

    Tell me what instrument interest you and if I find time I can do a short demo from Celtic if you want?


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    Re: Delving more into Celtic...

    Sorry lex.. hehe [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I lose track of all these posts!

    I\'ll remember you have Celtic and maybe ask for a short demo later on... not entirely sure I need a full Celtic library right now. Depends on if I land this gig.

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