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Topic: Dvorak - waiting for the new library

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    Dvorak - waiting for the new library

    While I was twiddling my fingers waiting for some more demos of QLSO and trying to decide whether I should go VSL or QLSO and wondering whether my old Roland libraries will become extinct, I mocked up a short demo from Dvorak\'s 4th symphony with Maarten\'s horns, trumpets and timpani. A bit rough and in the back row.


    Hoping to see some classical demos from QLSO.

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    Re: Dvorak - waiting for the new library

    Very nice Craig.....full and dynamic, not so rough at all. What are you using for the rest of the orchestra? Strings, woods? Keep up the good work


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    Re: Dvorak - waiting for the new library

    Thanks for the comments Larry.

    Strings, woodwinds and trombones are all Roland. It was a devil to mix and not loose too much detail. The strings were really crisp and rich by themselves, but in the mix I feel they have lost their immediacy. The same for the horns.

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