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Topic: Stylus "2" with new sound library!???

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    Stylus "2" with new sound library!???

    How cool would that be to keep the Stylus format going, just add new libraries into it (from the factory of course). Like Stylus 2.1 \"Retro Grooves\" or something like that to address other styles.

    Eric, what do you think?

    Anything up your sleeve you can hint at?

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    Re: Stylus "2" with new sound library!???

    Hey Kid Alex,

    I\'ll buy you beer for a week if you can squeeze new info from the Man... [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Stylus "2" with new sound library!???

    Hey Paul,

    I probably wasn\'t clear enough with my post.

    I think it would be great to have all sorts of libraries for various styles. Stylus \"Rock101\", Stylus \"Afro Cuban\", Stylus \"Orchestral Percussion\", Stylus \"Disco\" etc...

    Maybe as Add-ons to the original, or seperate programs alltogether.

    I am just hoping they will expand in some way on the (incredible) original idea even more.

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    Re: Stylus "2" with new sound library!???

    Hey kid!

    Glad you dig Stylus.

    Lots of great stuff is in the works on many levels, can\'t reveal any secrets yet though. Takes time to do it right......



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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Stylus "2" with new sound library!???

    How cool would that be to keep the Stylus format going, just add new libraries into it
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">You mean, like a sampler?

    I think this is very illuminating. If you follow the ROMpler to its most successful end expression, the next logical request from a musician becomes: Can you make this feature set universal over different types of data?

    And that is exactly what a Sampler does, and why the advancement and development of the genre always comes back around to it.

    But to stay on topic (we can always discuss this elsewhere), I think that of course it\'s a great idea. Whether it is putting a different toolset on the same content, or putting new content into an existing toolset, the fusion point IS the axis of data and toolset, and neither outweighs the other as a creative use of technology. One just begs for the other.

    Edit: The fusion point is actually, of course, the axis of artist, data, and toolset. Silly me. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Stylus "2" with new sound library!???

    Hey, who ya calln\' \"kid\"? I\'m the real \"KID\", he\'s an impostor! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    carry on.....

    BTW.. I like updates for products I like, like Absynth.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Stylus "2" with new sound library!???

    Can\'t a person make a simple observation around here without getting bored to death?

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    Re: Stylus "2" with new sound library!???

    \"Not everybody has the time to really dig into every software based product they own to search out where features are hidden. The beauty of the new \"skinned\" products that are popping up is that the feature set is specific to the instrument itself. The vast majority of the public that uses these tools will probably get a lot more out of them than they\'d get out of the same product in a more capable, but far more esoteric playback engine.\"

    I see this in completely the opposite light.

    Scenario 1:

    I have a single sample engine to master - Gigastudio. If I need a new set of drum samples, I buy it, load them into the engine and proceed as I always have, noting any special functions in Gigastudio of which the library makes use. Next week, if I need a new set of basses, I do the same. No surprises, nothing is hidden. It\'s been worth the time spent to learn Giga because that single knowledge set applies to every batch of sounds I buy from now on. I can also evaluate a potential purchase partially based on how much of the Giga feature set is used. If someone releases a Rhodes Giga library with 2 velocity layers and no release samples, I know that\'s a significant omission.

    Scenario 2

    Every new instrument sample set I want to buy comes wrapped in its own user interface and sample playback engine. In order to finely tune this engine to the requirements of performance of each sample set, each user interface is unique and must be mastered in its own right. Interface terminology may be uniquely keyed to the library type. This can be easy or difficult depending on the guy who designs the UI. Either way, the time spent learning the interface for my drum VSTi may be in no way applicable to my bass VSTi. So, potentially, every new set of sounds I buy means a new operating system to learn. I may have no way of evaluating a potential purchase based on its feature set, as the interface may use library/instrument specific jargon which is unrelated to any other sample playback engine. (Hey, it\'s a sales feature - an engine created purely to serve a single sample set). How am I to know that the new Bloggo Rhodes VSTi with dual spread data switching and improved damper falloff control is simply a Rhodes with 2 velocity layers and no release triggers?

    For myself, I want a single powerful sampler engine which can accomodate all the programming and performance functions I might need, and then some. Something I only have to learn ONCE. Something which doesn\'t decide on the feature set for you. This isn\'t going to happen with playback engines which are dedicated to sample sets based on musical \'family\'.

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    Re: Stylus "2" with new sound library!???

    Originally posted by Chadwick:

    I see this in completely the opposite light.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">and thankfully we have both options.

    I don\'t want software capabilities and engineering tied up in the design decisions of one vendor. If Giga related sample playback was the only game in town, to date for sure I would not be able to work the way I want to with integrated VSTi\'s (because they don\'t believe in that) or with robust mono-modes. I\'d still be waiting for these.

    There\'s still room for innovation in the GUI/Workflow/integration arenas so having more vendors working on these is a good thing IMHO.

    For example I hope one day Stylus will have the capability to drag n\' drop Groove Control MIDI files directly from it\'s interface into a SONAR track, I expect that would happen sooner than if it were to be considered for a generic sampler application.

    -david abraham

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    Re: Stylus "2" with new sound library!???

    Totally understand your point of view Chadwick, and its a very good point that you make.

    We consider this issue a lot when designing our instruments interfaces. That\'s why we are very careful to use industry standard terminology whenever possible (we also invent our own terms when we are doing something new as well). It used to drive me nuts when Roland, Korg, Moog and Arp would all use different terms for the same parameters...just to be different!

    At least within our own line, we are careful to make it so that once you learn our approach, it\'s quite easy to understand the rest of our instruments and that there is a consistent philosophy. Once you\'ve learned Atmosphere, you\'ve basically learned Trilogy too. I agree that relearning similar stuff over and over is a genuine problem for working composers, so I\'m a huge advocate of standardization in terminology.

    That said, there\'s a lot of advantage in having an engine and user interface specifically designed for a musical family or type of sound. There are many approaches to sampling, and sampler manufacturers rarely understand what developers really want to do. So you end up with a general purpose machine, that\'s \"pretty good\" at most everything....but maybe only great at certain things. The poor architecture of Giga for synth sounds or for Groove Control are good examples.....these categories of sounds were really not figured into the design of this platform, so it is not able to do the kinds of things I need to do to realize my ideas for products.

    I would much rather put my efforts into making \"great\" tools, specifically designed for a certain concept. Having the design based this way lets us continue to really improve and refine it in a way that\'s not possible with a platform generic approach. There are so many features that we wanted to do on libraries, but had to leave off because they wouldn\'t work properly on format X, Y or Z...it was unbelievably frustating to have to limit our ideas like this.

    It\'s kind of the difference between getting a multi-fx device that has every effect on earth in it, and each effect has 99 parameters.....it does a few fx well, but maybe nothing is truly great sounding, but they are all pretty good. Its hard to use, but once you\'ve mastered it, you understand how to use all of algorithms...even though certain tasks are really inefficiently handled....and you are usually wading through a lot of stuff you don\'t need.


    You get a great stomp box that does a few things in a truly amazing way, sounds awesome, and its totally easy to use. It has 5 knobs, each one is super useful and works killer. You can learn it in five minutes. because it sounds great and is easy to use, you end up using it a whole bunch and really learning what it can do.

    That\'s why I see the value of both approaches. I really like having both types of tools.

    One size does not fit all IMHO....



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