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Topic: Experimenting with reverb

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    Experimenting with reverb

    I just thought I\'d share my experimentation with reverb, since I know a lot of people struggle constantly trying to get \"that sound.\"

    This is a \"poor man\'s reverb\" I\'m messing with. I call it that because there\'s no hardware or external applications needed.. this is all within GigaStudio using NFX1 reverb. I know a lot of people on this forum have a problem with NFX1, but hey.. not everyone can afford hardware rack-mounted reverb units. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] So until then, NFX1 is my only choice. I suppose using impulses isn\'t bad, but I\'ve tried it and found it clumsy (my personal opinion).

    Up till now, I\'ve been using one DSP with NFX1 reverb, and MIDI panning (in Sonar). The problem with MIDI panning is that it\'s not true panning, it just cuts off one channel or the other. So, I think in stereo samples, you might be losing some sound (is that true? I\'m not 100% sure). I pipe all these channels to one DSP with NFX1 (hall large), and that\'s it. This is what that sounds like:


    The problem with this method is that everything sounds like it\'s up front. There\'s no depth. Note the sleigh bells and uilleann pipes, for instance (compare them to the 2nd clip below).

    Now, I\'ve tried a new method that was explained to me by KingIdiot (you rule!). In Sonar, nothing is panned..everything is dead center. In Giga, I\'ve now defined six DSPs and named them Front Left, Front Center, Front Right, Middle Left, Middle Center, Middle Right. I could have 3 more if I wanted, for the far back of the stage. Panning is done on each DSP. Drag the L and R sliders accordingly. Dragging both to the outside will create a wider sound, dragging both to the inside will create a more up-front, focused sound. There are 8 AUX sends on each DSP.. set AUX 1 to 90 (or whatever value you want), and check the \"Pre\" checkbox. Now click on \"Aux Busses\" tab. Pick the NFX1 reverb for AUX Bus 1, adjust as needed. Go back to the DSP inputs. Now, the DSP sliders adjust the dryness. Go to port 1 or port 2, and assign each channel to a DSP depending on where it should go (front/center, middle/left, etc.).

    I hope I didn\'t forget anything. Anyway, here\'s what this sounds like:


    People might have differing opinions on this.. but I think this second clip sounds a hundred times better than the first one.

    Again, thank KingIdiot for this.. I\'m just passing on the results of my experimentation based on his advice.

    PS: Pardon the sloppy harp playing. I\'ve gotta go back and fix that up [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    EDIT: Simon Ravn ran the dry piece through his reverb and came up with this. What do you think? http://www.simonravn.com/Church.mp3

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    Re: Experimenting with reverb

    I think the second clip has the potential to sound better, but the first clip has more clarity. If you were to desaturate the reverb on the second clip, I believe you\'d have more clarity and better imaging.

    Also, juxtaposition of opposites are helpful. If you want something to sound wide, juxtapose it against something very narrow. If you want elements of a mix to sound very deep, juxtapose them with something boldly immediate. Yellow never looks yellower than when it\'s used next to purple.

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    Re: Experimenting with reverb

    Thanks for the suggestion, Bruce. I\'ll try turning down the amount of wetness on the reverb, that should help.

    And check it out.. Bruce sure is handy, not only does he know his music, he also knows his complementary colors. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Experimenting with reverb

    Hey Sam. Nice cue by the way. Yeah, number two is definitely much richer. Simons has a very nice ambience but for the meloncholy tone of that piece you\'re pretty on target with Kings suggestions.
    I\'m wondering if anyone out there can tune me in to a similar method in Logic. My trial and error experimentation has not gotten me the front/rear placement I\'m looking for. The only verbs I have are a handful of AU plug ins. I know there aren\'t quite as many Logic users here but it\'s worth a try. Private mail me so I don\'t hijack Sams thread any more than I already have! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Experimenting with reverb

    Thanks christian

    Dumb question of the day: in NFX1, what\'s the \"A\" and \"B\" at the top of the window?

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