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Topic: VotA utility is out...

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    VotA utility is out...

    To those that don\'t look at the Quantum Leap forum every day, i want to say that the new version of the VOTA utility is out...

    Check the news at Quantum Leap Forum.

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    Re: VotA utility is out...

    pretty cool Nuno. I bet it will be very useful to all those lucky bastards who own VOTA...

    ...must resist envy...aaargh..

    ...HULK SMASH!!


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    Re: VotA utility is out...

    Congrats, Nuno [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: VotA utility is out...

    Congrats! I just want to jump in say I had the great privilege of helping with the beta testing, and this new version is truely revolutionary. This is a totally professional utility that is absolutely essential to getting the most out of VOTA.

    Best of luck with this!

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    Re: VotA utility is out...


    Just wanted to say something about the utility. Everything about this utility is so much better than the original, but what makes it amazing to me is the ability to draw in the lengths and overlaps of vowels and consonants. This makes a HUGE difference in realism.

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