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Topic: Vienna Performance Set Question

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    Vienna Performance Set Question

    I was wondering, for those of you who\'ve used it, how much difference the performance set for VSL makes.

    Being a difference of $2000 I was considering getting the orchestral cube instead of the full thing. Will I ultimately totally regret this, and if so, why and how?

    Thanks so much.

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    Re: Vienna Performance Set Question

    Performance Set includes legato instruments and major/minor runs, if I\'m not mistaken.

    Orchestral Cube has neither of those, but it has straight notes (non-legato), trills, staccato, and all the other stuff.

    Everyone I\'ve talked to always says to get the Perf Set first, the Orch Cube later.

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    Re: Vienna Performance Set Question

    Originally posted by folk prophet:
    Will I ultimately totally regret this, and if so, why and how?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yes, you would regret it. The performance set will blow you away. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    You might find the cube a bit disappointing, simply because that\'s not the revolutionary part of what makes VSL a superb product.

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    Re: Vienna Performance Set Question

    At first I tried to link this thread, but here are my 2 sesterces from that thread:

    The Orchestral Cube is a complete orchestra (minus piccolo). You can write orchestral pieces with it; it can stand alone.

    The Performance Set would be useful on its own, but it\'s not an orchestra or even a complete set of samples for any one of its instruments. It has no percussion, in fact it doesn\'t even have short bow strings at this point! Instead it adds specialized elements: runs, legato performances, grace note winds, and repetition performances - which amounts to way more than that sounds like! So the Performance Set seems intended mostly as a supplement/upgrade to the Cube, even though it\'s pretty huge and deep on its own.

    If you\'re going to start with one, you definitely start with the Cube and add the Performance Set later. If you can\'t start with the whole Cube at first, you start with its individual libraries: strings, winds & brass, percussion.

    In my opinion.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Vienna Performance Set Question

    Ultimately, you want it all.

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    Re: Vienna Performance Set Question

    I just finished beta testing the pro edition, so I see two issues.

    1. If you already have an extensive library for all the instrumemnts and funds are limited, then go with the Performance Set.

    2. If you don\'t have an extensive library, start with the Cube, then when you\'re able, use VIP pricing to upgrade to the Pro Edition Cube. Then go back and pick up the Performance Set.

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    Re: Vienna Performance Set Question


    I have the Performance Set. It\'s wonderful for writing slow and/or fluid lines. If you need something for a fanfare or some very aggressive music, I suspect you\'ll need the Cube!

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    Re: Vienna Performance Set Question

    Hmmm. Got some conflicting opinions here apparently. I must agree with Bruce, however, ultimately, I DO want it all. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    But, from what I\'ve heard, it sounds like I\'ll want to start with the cube (assuming I don\'t just go crazy and get everything). I tend to write more aggressive, up-tempo stuff. Oh, I\'ll definately get the performance set at some point. But the cube, at this point, sounds like the better way to start if I can\'t get it all at once.

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    Re: Vienna Performance Set Question

    Hey Folk Prophet,

    I just got into both. If memory serves me you live in the SLC area. I would be happy to have you over to check it out in my studio (Kaysville). I have a big deadline due Saturday, so next week would be better. Drop me an email if I can help out.

    The cube is what is want to start out with, but don\'t play the perf set or you will go into debt to get both.


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