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Topic: PMI YAMAHA C7 released

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    PMI YAMAHA C7 released

    The new Grandioso YAMAHA C7 is finally released. We also finally updated our website with some great new demos, including the Purgatory test. Listen HERE!
    The library is available in our on-line shop with an introduction offer of $195 (expiring June 23th). We have the Giga-version on 1 DVD. Kontakt release will follow soon and CD-versions will be avilable too.

    You can find more info about our products and the on-line shop on our PMI website

    Have fun!
    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI YAMAHA C7 released

    I\'m not crazy about the low pass filtered version, but otherwise these demos are the best Yamaha sample I\'ve ever heard.

    You really know how to nail down the TONE and COLOUR of a piano!



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    Re: PMI YAMAHA C7 released

    Well thank you John for the compliment!

    I just try to make the most realistic piano sample possible. In case of the Yamaha C7 this was rather easy as this piano is very bright and even, so our programming was limited. The Maple/Grandioso FX plug-in does the rest.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI YAMAHA C7 released

    Will the people who own a PMI Piano library, also get a price reduction when buying this one?

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    Re: PMI YAMAHA C7 released

    Yes the special offer for registered GRANDIOSO owners is added (special price $165).

    We also added the Kontakt versions (24 bit) on DVD or multiple cd\'s and the Giga version on CD\'s.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI YAMAHA C7 released

    Michiel - what are the system requirements for the Kontakt version in terms of RAM? I have a 2.4 GHz + 512MB RDRAM. Will this be enough or will I need to increase my RAM?

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    Re: PMI YAMAHA C7 released

    System requirements for the Kontakt setup?
    I\'m playing at this very moment on my \"worst case\" system: PII, 866 MHz, 511 MB RAM, ASUS SUSL2 MOBO, and still get 40 stereo voices, with release samples with the disk streaming enabled.

    If you disable streaming you would need a full 2 GB RAM, though that would -in theary- give you the full 250 voices.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI YAMAHA C7 released

    System requirements for the Kontakt setup?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">System requirements for playing the instrument are one thing. Doing a mixdown, in a host such as Cubase SX is another thing.

    This week I got the 16-bit Kontakt version of the PMI Bosendorfer. With the GStudio version, I can use the capture function, and then import the track into Cubase, and all is well.

    With Kontakt, there is no capture function, so hence the need to do a mixdown. I\'ve discovered that I don\'t have the horsepower to do this successfully.

    So, now I\'m going to upgrade my computer - which will provide other benefits, as well. I like the Kontakt version much better. Better filters etc. (And of course, I will want to run the 24-bit version, which will require even more horsepower.)

    My son is pleased by this development, since he has \"designs\" on my old system!


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    Re: PMI YAMAHA C7 released


    I can\'t wait to own this library.

    I own your grandioso steinway set but I purchased it through sweetwater.
    Please let me know how to register it so I can get the very cool discount you offer.


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    Re: PMI YAMAHA C7 released

    The registration link is in the manual:
    web page

    If that fails (your browser needs to find an email program...) you can send your data by email or fax. Our adress and numbers are Here

    Michiel Post

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