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Topic: Great Keyboard players: George Duke

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    Great Keyboard players: George Duke

    I have had the fortune of getting to know George Duke a bit and have been listening on a lot of his stuff lately - both old and new.

    Yeah I\'m a funk addict - I know!! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Go to www.scarbee.com and visit the VIP Longe - here you will get a lot of links to George Duke and others.

    But Please - listen to the way he plays... [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

    There is only a few who playes soooo cool.

    Just now I listened to \"Look what you find\" from the Disco/funk album \"Master of the Game\" - it really made me happy - we need some happy music now as the world is so dark.

    Let\'s funk!!

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    Re: Great Keyboard players: George Duke

    yes thomas, i know what you mean. just last month i was making a funk cd from my old album collection, and one of the cuts i burned was \"look what you find\" from master of the game.
    great tune, great player.

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    Re: Great Keyboard players: George Duke

    The guy is amazing. Listen to the stuff he did with Frank Zappa in the 70\'s. IMO he made Zappa\'s sound in this era.

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    Re: Great Keyboard players: George Duke

    My favorite Zappa\'s period is definetly when Duke was on board with JL Ponty, Ian & Ruth Underwood ...etc
    What a great,creative bunch they were!
    One size fits all, Roxy & Elsewhere, Overnite sensation. Love it [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Duke solo was just as good, funkier.
    Brazilian Love Affair is my favorite.

    I remember back in Berklee in 1981 when i lived in the dormitory. I would put his LPs on and improvise for hours on top of his grooves.
    These were the good days, music 24 hours a day [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Great Keyboard players: George Duke

    His DCI video instruction tape is tres cool. Not much rhyme or reason to his instruction - just a big bag of cool tricks and licks. Man he grooves hard on some of his examples.


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    Re: Great Keyboard players: George Duke

    Speaking of JL ponty, he\'s a friend of my father [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] (yeah, i\'m proud of that).

    the DCI tape are not a very big help. that\'s just fun to see Duke playing and speaking. same with the chick Corea tape.
    i will take a look at the andy laverne tape soon.
    also the acoustic tape of chick is not bad, and have some interesting blues voicing.


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    Re: Great Keyboard players: George Duke

    I was just thinking about George too, because he was playing on a live concert DVD I was watching the other night that my friend Kirk Whalum (greatest R&B sax player on the planet) put together with a stellar band...include Sir Duke himself on Piano/Keys.....awesome.

    Highly recommended....and I know you\'d dig it big time Thomas. It\'s called,

    \"The Gospel According to Jazz part II\"

    Great music!



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    Re: Great Keyboard players: George Duke

    Originally posted by spectrum:

    \"The Gospel According to Jazz part II\"

    Great music!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">check that out ---I just saw this last week, great DVD, and Jonathan Butler\'s vocals blew me away man...

    -david abraham

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    Re: Great Keyboard players: George Duke

    Cool D.A.F.!!

    Yeah....that was an amazing concert, the whole band was off the hook (Paul Jackson Jr playing Jazz and Spanish Guitar.....yeah!)...wish I had been there. West Angeles Temple is one of the coolest places on the planet to hear amazing Gospel Choirs. Have had some great memories there.

    My buddy Hal Sacks who engineered a lot of Retro Funk and Backbeat produced and mixed that show.....great sound.


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    Re: Great Keyboard players: George Duke

    Hi Eric,

    Sounds great - I will check it out.

    It\'s so funny with the real big playes - the feeling and timing they have are so unique!

    When you hear George or Herbie play - even fast - they still has this special laidback, cool kind of style that really make me feel good.

    \"Brazzilian Love Affair\" is one of my favourites too - I am a brazil addict too - love this music.

    The Rhodes solo on the title song is fantastic.
    George has really good taste with notes.

    His lates albums have a really cool jazzy sound and also funk with Upright bass - yeah!!

    During the 90\'ties I was away from the jazz/funk but when I made the bass libs´I discovered again - now I am totally down on jazz, fusion, funk - I have re-discovered Stanley Clarke and I bend down in the dust for him too - as a composer and a wild bass player!! He is a monster!

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