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Topic: Upcomming "Diva" Libary?

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    Upcomming "Diva" Libary?

    In a post on choir libaries a saw someone make mention of a \"diva\" libary of womans choir multisamples but he did not provide a link to where he found it. Does anyone knows anything about this libary and where I might learn more?

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    Re: Upcomming "Diva" Libary?

    Thanks Choco



    NEW SITE SHOULD BE UP BY THE WEEKEND [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Upcomming "Diva" Libary?

    D I V A News mailing list


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    Re: Upcomming "Diva" Libary?

    Thanks alot, sounds like it will be a good libary for a nice price. Any idea (rough) as to when it might be relesed?

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    Re: Upcomming "Diva" Libary?

    From what I have heard it is unclear if the diva libary is of female choir or solo voice. Solo would be preferable for me as there are not any good solo voice libaries (or any that I know of really). Either way, what sort of music is it for? For solo voice I would want to write art songs (classial singing). Thanks.

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    Re: Upcomming "Diva" Libary?

    DIVA Classical Female Soloist x3

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    Re: Upcomming "Diva" Libary?

    Three different soloists? Sounds good!

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