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Topic: GSt 96 and SBL Live!

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    GSt 96 and SBL Live!

    Has anyone managed to make the GSt 96 to output into SBL Live!? What driver do you use?

    I originally bought the Gigasampler LE to see if it works. It did so I upgraded to GSt96 only to find out it does not output any sound into SBL (DirectX). Nothing has changed in my system and all other programs (Cubase VST, Wavelab)work fine with the SBL only the GSt wouldn\'t.
    I than downloaded the newest drivers for the soundcard(SBLWare over 5 Mega!) and updated my system. The result is, that now not only GSt does not output any sound, but also the Gigasampler LE exhibits the same problem. I will have to reinstall the computer from the scratch (last try before I return the GSt). It would be good to know which drivers the successful among you are using.

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    Re: GSt 96 and SBL Live!

    Yea, I got it working with the Soundblaster Live card. Don\'t believe I had to do anything special.

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    Re: GSt 96 and SBL Live!

    Thanks a lot for the comments. Obviously I tried to reinstall both the GSt and the drivers about ten times, but to no improvment.
    I am going to reinstall my computer to find out what\'s causing the problem. I\'ll keep you informed about the outcome.

    P.S. If you don\'t hear from me for a long time I am in a madhouse....

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    Re: GSt 96 and SBL Live!

    Sb live works with gigastudio. I\'ve tried it on many diffrent systems other users on this forum have had success with it also.
    Try reinstalling the gigastudio. Whats great about the sb live is that it is one of the only low end multiclient/stream cards out there.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: GSt 96 and SBL Live!

    Hy there,

    Yesturday I installed GS160 on my PC: PII 350Mhz 128 Mb of RAM and one ISIS, one SB Live value and one SW60.
    I have the same problem I can hear anything on both ISIS or SB Live out.
    Very strage.
    After instaling and seting up the outs and midi ports does GS160 need any other special setup in order to work ?

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    Re: GSt 96 and SBL Live!

    This is latest update on my daily full-time job of trying to make the GSt output into SBL Live.
    I took out all other cards sitting in my computer (except video of course)and put the SBL into the first PCI Slot. Windows found the card and it worked with GSt!! (Andrei, I do not think GSt needs any special setting, apart from the one which is required after you start the GSt for the first time). Well, that was until I started the computer next time, when Windows found a new hardware - SB16 emulation and installed software for it (no chance to stop it doing so), which crashed my MOTU micro express (it insists that I allocated it\'s IRQ for another device, which is rubbish). I tried to reinstall everything possible, change IRQ\'s etc. but nothing helps. I do not get any MIDI input. I\'ve got a choice: either I use SBL or MOTU. Lovely! A sampler either with output or MIDI input, never both at the same time. Now, what is going to be cheaper, yet another soundcard, or a different MIDI interface??
    Well I am going to try to reinstall the computer after all. But, at least in my case, Nemesys seems to be out of this.

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    Re: GSt 96 and SBL Live!

    did you try the midi on the sb live.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: GSt 96 and SBL Live!

    Hi ,

    I got back in the studio today and I started the PC. After that I give GSt a try, surprise ! It woked without any modifications ! Also a friend of mine , how has a Gina card tried it today, everithing was ok from the start.
    So in conclusion, GSt is OK only that it is very sensible to everithing that is installed in the compuer.I think that if you tuwik a little you can make it work.
    On your problem my advice is: install Windoze after that install SB Live ( without installing the Motu card) disable the SB emullation and after that install the motu drivers.I think this way everithing will be OK.


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    Re: GSt 96 and SBL Live!

    Yes that\'s what I would like so much to do: to disable the SB emulation. But how, when it does not appear in my system? No device, no IRQ\'s, no nothing. But I know it\'s there, because once, while playing with IRQ\'s it was there, taking IRQ 9 (while the SBL Live was occupying IRQ 10). But I can\'t get to the same state now anymore. Anybody knows how to get rid of SB16 emulation? Maybe it would be enough to erase some file from Windows\\system...

    As to the SBL Live MIDI port. I have got the Player version of the card, which does not come with the dedicated connectors, and an adapter I bought (for the Game port) does not work (it just seems nothing works in my system). I read once that Hoontech was making an adapter similar to the one the full version of SBL Live has, is this available? Anyway, I have got couple of synths around, therefore I need more MIDI ports, so I have to make the MOTU work with SBL.

    But thank you guys for your tips, at least I do not feel completely lost.


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    Re: GSt 96 and SBL Live!


    I also have the SB emulation disabled - it works better with the GS.

    You\'ll have to go to ControlPanel>System>DeviceManager>find the \"Creative SB Live! SB16 Emulation (it is under Creative Miscellaneous Devices OR Sound Games and Video controllers) > doulble click on it > at Device usage select \"Disable in this hardware profile\" > click OK > reboot (not exactly necessary, but might be better).

    Good luck!


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