Does Gigasmapler currently have ReCycle support? It doesn\'t as far as I can tell.

There is a way round this. The Akai S5/6000 samplers also did not have
ReCylce support (in fact still doesn\'t) so I wrote some utilties to add this support
called Cycle6000. You can see the utilties at:

Cycle6000 is now actually listed as the fix for the problem by
Propellerheads on their web site! I get hundreds of downloads of these
utilties a month.

If I had the file format for the GIG files I could quite easily port Cycle6000 (and alos the very useful Drum6000 utiltiy) to Gigasampler. How many of you would be interested?

Maybe someone from Nemesys could send me an email if they are interested.