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Topic: What KVM switch are you using?

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    What KVM switch are you using?

    hello everyone....just curious what brands/models of KVM switches you all are using for you multi machine setups...as thats now a priority on my shopping list....thanks.

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    Re: What KVM switch are you using?


    Using a Belkin Omniview..works great but for some reason I sometimes lose mousewheel capability.
    It switches very quick though; before that I had a \'Kobishi\' that worked okay but switched rather slowly and didn\'t always emulate the keyboard properly (causing your computer to think nothing is attached).
    Anyway, a Belkin is probably your best bet.



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    Re: What KVM switch are you using?

    I\'ve had bad luck with that one in Switching Macs. (Mouse gets funky, especially the buttons)

    Anyone got a good one for the Mac?


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    Re: What KVM switch are you using?

    I have had perfect performance from my Miniview SE 4 port PS2 (GCS84B) by IOGEAR. Do a search on the Hardware Forum and you will find some helpful threads on this subject.

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    Re: What KVM switch are you using?

    The linksys kvm is really simple and easy and inexpensive.Theres no need for drivers or anything for it but u can only switch between 2 PC`s.Thank god for \'scroll lock\"...Rich

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    Re: What KVM switch are you using?

    Just don\'t go too cheap. I bought one from the internet called \"2 port AUTO KVM switch-non power\" ( no other manufacturer identification).

    It was cheap but beautifully packaged and looked fine, but it promptly ate the keyboard interface on one of my computers.


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    Re: What KVM switch are you using?

    I use the Linksys KVM which has been great so far. It has a feature that lets you switch between computers using the CTRL key. (And that\'s a good thing since my KVM fell on the floor behind my desk months ago). Mine is a 2-Port version and I\'m not sure if they make other models.

    The guy at the store where I bought it said do not buy a non-digital KVM as they have a tendency to fry your monitor.

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    Re: What KVM switch are you using?

    IOgear 4-port MiniView USB KVM. Great little box.

    It works 100% flawlessly and also lets you switch a USB connection between the four machines. I have a G4, Windows machine, IIci, and a 9600 all hooked up to it.

    Obscure trivia: the only caveat is that you can\'t use a Griffin iMate ADB converter for a keyboard plugged into its front panel keyboard port - it wants real USB (although you can use the iMate in the rear panel USB port). I had to break down and buy a Macally iKey keyboard to replace the old Apple Extended Keyboard II. (Since I hate the Apple Pro keyboard.)

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    Re: What KVM switch are you using?

    Anyone got a good one for the Mac?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Dr. Bott MoniswitchUSB works great for both Macs and PCs and is pefect for switching between both platforms.

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    Re: What KVM switch are you using?

    Akyhawk 8 port here.

    great, but has an annoying beep. Have to get in there and remove the speaker.

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