I formatted my main hard disk, re-installed Win98 (first the original, and then the SE update), did all the usually-recommended tweaks such as setting to network server, no \"read-ahead optimization,\" vcache settings, fixing virtual memory to a fixed amount, etc. Then I installed my various audio software, including GS. (I have only audio-related software on that computer, although I\'ll also be installing Acrobat Reader for reading manuals).

This was over the past few days. (Fun, fun, fun: I don\'t think the beach boys would ever have written that song if they had been using a computer for their music!).

Just now, I checked in the control panel->system, to find that *all* of the tweaks done here had reverted to their original settings!! How could this have happened? Is there something in the installation procedure that resets these things? Or is Windows just going ahead and doing this on its own?

If anybody has any means of making sure that this doesn\'t happen again, or an explanation of why it would happen in the first place, I\'d be grateful.