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Topic: Sounds on System disk

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    Sounds on System disk

    How bad would it be to access gigs from your system disk. The downside is that both the programs (giga, sequencer) and the sounds reside in the same place and would have to share recources. But would it really be an issue with a fast disk (7200rpm)? I\'m trying to rearrange to accomodate a new disk.

    My current setup is a 10gb system disk, 120gb sound disk, old 2x CD writer, 52x CD ROM. I\'d like to just get rid of the 10gb and make the 120gb the system disk, but I\'d want to keep sounds there as well to maximize the space. But I may just get rid of one of the CD\'s. Can\'t decide...

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    Re: Sounds on System disk

    Hi, definetely do not put your samples on the system disk or the disk streaming performance will drop like a stone.

    If you have to have extra devices and dont want to slave things on the same IDE cable, buy a pci IDE controller card. This will plug into a pci slot of your mobo and give you extra ide busses.

    The other option would be to go external; firewire or usb, for a hard drive or cd/dvd rom.

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Sounds on System disk

    My system is packed. No free PCI slots either. I just have to decide which CD to lose. Thanks.

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