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Topic: ANNOUNCEMENT: The Listening Room Summer Festival!

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    christmas day

    That's a good idea! Throw off the restrictions, throw open the doors, let Freedom ring!!
    Now I ponder, what to post next????

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    Re: christmas day

    Quote Originally Posted by vimysunshine View Post
    That's a good idea! Throw off the restrictions, throw open the doors, let Freedom ring!!
    Now I ponder, what to post next????
    Hello, Vimysunshine - I'm glad you noticed this old thread which became a "sticky" (permanently at the top) post.

    As you may notice, this started in July of last year following some discussion the Forum members had on the subject of encouraging people to post more music. The idea worked pretty well, with more music going up in the wake of this thread. The rate of postings slowed down again, but has stayed at a fairly decent level for awhile now.

    Post #16 from 7 months ago gives a good re-cap of the "summer festival" idea, and it would be helpful for you to take a look at that.

    There is one part of the plan that hasn't gone quite as well as hoped: When music includes instruments from other sources other than Garritan, we would like the specific Libraries and instruments to be listed in the very first paragraph of the thread. That way listeners won't be confused about what they're hearing. Too often the question has to be posted on threads, "Could you please tell us what you used?"

    The other note is that it's hoped pieces that do primarily use Garritan will always easily be found here. The original and main topic of this entire group of Forums will always be "Garritan Libraries." That's what everyone here has in common. It's an online community of musicians and composers, but unlike other music Forums which have a more generic, all-encompassing topic of just "music" - the software instruments developed by Gary Garritan will always be the main subject that propels this group.

    Because Garritan is still the primary topic, you'll understand this final note. There are some long time Forum members who objected to and never approved of this plan to loosen the guidelines for posting music here. As a result, some don't come to The Listening Room anymore, and that's unfortunate. I point that out to help give you more perspective on the subject of this thread. It's been great that more music has been posted, and at the same time, it's helpful and appreciated when we all keep in mind that no matter what we do - this is still the Garritan Forum.

    That means, for instance, that it doesn't come across appropriately if posts go into explanations about why the poster may be using Garritan less often, or even not at all anymore. Once in awhile someone inexplicably feels it necessary to post messages like that, "Well, I used to use Garritan, but I've moved on now to bigger, more expensive Libraries and that's what my clients expect...etc." Nobody's going to be blocked or booted because of messages like that, I'm just pointing out that as a moderator, I think it's unfortunate when someone posts something like that, and don't know why it would be considered appropriate.

    So - The only prerequisite of joining the club is to have at least one Garritan Library. I'm sure that's why you're here, so, Welcome!

    Let's keep up the good energy, Vimysunshine - Hope you're able to post some music here!


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