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Topic: GigaStudio and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.03

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    GigaStudio and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.03

    I\'ve read with very much interest, the messages concerning having output from GSt stop when the sequencer is started. Just to continue onward, the same anomaly is happening with Calkwalk as well. When I spoke with Nemesys Tech Support, they called this a MIDI routing problem, and referred to the fix posted by Charl using Hubi, which instructions I followed exactly. It worked for about 3 days, and then quit again, and no amount of reinstalling GSt, CWPA, or HUBI changed this operation. I even cleaned out the registry of all these apps and still no joy. GS ran fine with this config.

    I have a PIII 850, with 768 Mbytes of RAM, which should be ample resources. Another thing is that since installing GSt, my machine has been prone to spontaneously rebooting for no reason. If I remove the Vxds, and other files temporarily, I can run SiSoft testing Mem and CPU for virtually forever.

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource

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    Re: GigaStudio and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.03

    Something must have changed in your configuration after those 3 days (well, with Windows you never really know, do you )

    What exactly went wrong? Did the workaround just stop working? Do you experience crashes when trying the workaround?

    Here are some things I can think of that may have gone wrong:

    a) If you have been playing around in the Cakewalk Midi setup, maybe Cakewalk has been set inadvertently to open the Nemesys ports as Midi outputs.

    My memory of Cakewalk is a bit foggy, but somewhere there is a window that you can open listing Midi devices you want to use as Inputs and Outputs. The Nemesys ports should *not* be selected for outputs under this list, although LB1 - LB4 should.

    This is because the nemesys ports are not multiclient, so they cannot be opened by both cakewalk and the hubi cables. Whichever one opens them first, will have sole access.

    b)In a similar vein, I have found that the following order is important:
    i) Start GigaStudio
    ii) Start the hubi cables
    iii) Start the sequencer from within GSt using the appropriate button.

    If one does not do it in that order, strange things happen (at least on my system).

    If you start the hubi cables from a batch file you created, with lines like:
    hwmdcabl IN=7 OUT=4 (etc.),
    and you installed some new MIDI stuff (like softsynths), those port numbers would have changed, and you would have to make sure the hubi cables are actually routing to the correct ports.

    d) Check your system.ini under the [devices] section to make sure that there is only one
    MIDI= line. Duplicates will cause problems. It should look something like
    etc etc

    e) If you still have no luck, try setting your GSt *input* Midi ports to LB1-LB4 (it should not normally be necessary to change those settings). You should then not be able to play GSt direcly from your keyboards, although you can do this as per usual via the sequencer \"thru\" track.

    If this cures the problem, there may be something strange with the midi loop thingum inside GSt. You can play with this by clicking on the little keyboard directly above the little 1 2 3 4 port icons. The normal state of things should be that the keyboard alternates between red and white while the sequencer is running.

    Hope this helps, otherwise you may have to send me some more details of your config...

    // Charl

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    Re: GigaStudio and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.03

    Hi Charl - Thanks for the valuable input. I must say that in my frustration, I restored a previous 1.2 gig image I had of my system (about a month old - pre GSt, Hubi days), and proceeded to reinstall GSt without the need for Hubi! Imagine that! Anyway, I really don\'t hold high hopes, because Nemesys told me that it appeared to be a MIDI routing problem in GSt, that I might add wasn\'t in GS. Thanks for your help.

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource

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