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Topic: Re-install on new computer

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    Re-install on new computer

    I am planning on purchasing GigaStudio. I will install it on my current computer (an aging Pentium 233) for now.

    I\'m building a 1Ghz system with latest drives etc... but still want to wait a few weeks for the prices to go down.

    Question: how do I move the GigaStudio license from the old computer to the other ? Or is the registration tied forever to the old computer ?

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    Re: Re-install on new computer

    Yes, it is very easy to transfer a GigaStudio license from one computer to the next. Unlike GigaSampler, the registration mechanism in GigaStudio does not use data specific to the computer on which it was installed.

    To transfer a GigaStudio license, do the following from the computer where GigaStudio is currently installed:

    Computer #1:
    1) (Win98) Select START and run, then type \"regedit\"...this will open the registry editor.
    2) Go to -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/NemeSys/GigaStudio/User/
    3) From the pull-down menu select \'Registry\' and then \'Export Registry File\'. Type a name (ex: \"reg_patch.reg\") and hit return.
    4) Now, copy this \"reg_patch\" file to a floppy and take it to the OTHER computer that you want to put the license on.

    Computer #2:
    1) Run GigaStudio \"setup.
    2) Enter \"712R-12345678\" for CD_KEY (you can enter any name, company and email address)
    ---> Note: This info will be corrected when you run \"reg_patch\" (in step #5). (i.e. the entries will be changed to those from computer #1)
    3) When installation is finished, your computer will reboot.
    4) IMPORTANT! -> after reboot DO NOT run GigaStudio.
    5) Double-click on the \"reg_patch\" file, click YES when it asks you.
    6) Congratulations, your GigaStudio license has been successfully transferred!! You can now use GigaStudio!

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