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Topic: Importing VOTA to Kontakt

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    Importing VOTA to Kontakt

    Hey all,

    Sorry of the OT on this board, but I got no response from Nick or Doug on the East/West board (admittedly they are buried in QLSO threads).

    Has anyone successfully imported VOTA into Kontakt? I thought they fixed the MW and KS issues with lastest update (KS and MW controls are not coming over with the samples). Many thanks for any help.


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    Re: Importing VOTA to Kontakt

    Hi rob ..no u have to do this manually...theres a post im the EW/QLSO forum where i ask this very Q; and Kingidiot expalains i think its from last month...GL , Rich ,it can be done and its pretty easy once u figure it out..

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    Re: Importing VOTA to Kontakt

    Thanks Rich, I checked out the post and it has to do with working with the \'utility\' for Vota. All I want to do (for composing) is get the mod wheel and epxression to work while running this library in Kontakt (this frees up polyphony and Ram on my giga machines while I write). Once I am finished writing and want to \'print\' the choir I do this successfully on giga (with the utility). Hopefully, what I am trying to accomplish is clearer now.

    I understand that CDXtract will do the job but at $140 I was hoping to find another way. Many thanks.


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