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Topic: Yamaha C7 vs Bardstown Bosendorfer

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    Yamaha C7 vs Bardstown Bosendorfer


    Sorry to start yet another piano comparison thread, but I fineally decided to get myself a decent gigastudio-piano. I quickly decided on the Bardstown Bosendorfer, because of all the positive comments that it got.
    Then I started to read about the Yamaha C7 piano that just got released.

    The point is, I\'ll mainly use the piano in a (symphonic) pop/rock contest and I need a piano with plenty of \"punch\" and \"drama\" (think Keith Emerson etc.). (Some gigapianos sound a bit dull in a pop/rock-contest.)

    I only have internet connection at the university so it\'s difficult for me to download all the different demos, but my initial impression is that the Bosendorfer is an all-round piano, while the Yahama C7 is made mainly for rock/pop. Although that will be my main use, it\'s nice to have a piano than can play dynamic and soft also (bosendorfer). On the other side, the Yahama C7 has more velocity layers, which is definately a strong point. Ahhh, the dilemma... :-)

    Any advice on what piano best suited to my needs would be greatly appreciated.
    If someone would like to email me privately, my address is: smikkel@online.no


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    Re: Yamaha C7 vs Bardstown Bosendorfer

    Hi Stmikkel, don\'t forget our Vintaudio Yamaha C7 library in your list of pianos to check.

    With our library you get 3, 2.5 gig sized instruments (4gigs, 24 bit in Kontakt, Halion),
    Ambient, Close miked or Player Perspective, all 3 sampled at all 88 keys in 6 velocities pedal up and pedal down with a release layer, No loops are used in this library and you get 8 velocity layers pedal up and pedal down.

    The Ambient instrument gives you great ambiance and is well suited for classical as well as pop of course.
    With the close miked and player perspective instruments you get more punch and in your face Yamaha goodness to chew on, the point is you get choice of 3 Usable instruments and I stress usable here, all 3 piano perspectives are usable instruments with a totally different sound for each and were recorded with what is in our opinion one of the best sounding and well maintained Yamaha C7 conservatory pianos in the world, using the best microphones and Preamps currently available .

    If you have a chance, check out our website or look around on this site to see what others are saying about our great piano library, obviously listening to the demos will give you a better idea of what I\'m talking about.
    Just wanted to let you know about our piano also, [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Vointaudio Productions

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    Re: Yamaha C7 vs Bardstown Bosendorfer

    Franky\'s C7 (Vintaudio Ultimate C7) covers so many different kinds of music with its three perspectives. The \'close mic\' has all the punch & clarity you need for pop/rock, the \'ambient\' is gorgeous as a solo instrument, & the player perspective seems to suit \'organic\', or \'acoustic ensemble\' very well. It has it all & with zero sacrafices (as long as your not running GS96 or less). Fantastic recordings, layering, & a superb instrument to begin with. The Bardstown is a quality set, I have played it, but the Vintaudio is a step above in sound & especially playability. That\'s my opinion!

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    Re: Yamaha C7 vs Bardstown Bosendorfer

    Thank you for the nice comments PianoJoe. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    It all comes down to choice, and it\'s nice to have all these great piano libraries to choose from.
    More and more I think people will be able to really get THE sound they are looking for with all the choice that\'s out there, and the technology advancements current and upcoming make this a very exciting time for sample libraries. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Vintaudio Prod.

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    Re: Yamaha C7 vs Bardstown Bosendorfer

    Thanks for the info!

    I rushed ahead and ordered the Bosendorfer. (That\'s me, always in a hurry.. :-)
    The next three weeks is my summerholiday, and therefore wanted to get a new pianosound as soon as possible. Technically, the yamaha seems superior to the Bosendorfer (more vel layers etc.), but I ordered the B. because it seemed the more safer choice - and it\'s been around for a while and reviewed more here at northernsounds.com. But if the yamaha is as good as you tell me, I\'ll probably end up buying this one also! :-)
    I wouldn\'t mind more user opinions/thoughts on the yamaha c7 though.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Yamaha C7 vs Bardstown Bosendorfer

    I was fineally able to listen to demos of pianos, and I have to say I am really, really, really impressed! :-)
    To me, it was impossible to point out the better, although they are quite different in sound. The yamaha seemed more balanced in very dymanic playing (although I guess much can be achieved with lowpass filtering), but the bite from the Bosendorfer when playing forte is just jawdropping. I´ve been wanting to have that kind of sound for quite some time. Should be excellent for playing some old Keith Emerson stuff. I can hardly wait for my copy of the Bosendorfer! :-)

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    Re: Yamaha C7 vs Bardstown Bosendorfer

    Originally posted by stmikkel:
    Thanks for the info!

    I rushed ahead and ordered the Bosendorfer.

    I wouldn\'t mind more user opinions/thoughts on the yamaha c7 though.

    Thanks for the help!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I think you made a wise decision. The Bardstown is an extremely versatile piano, and is a truly beautiful sample. It seems to always come out on top when I do comparisons.

    If you decide to get the Yamaha (and you can\'t have enough pianos, ya know), then by all means check out the Vintaudio. I have it, and it is excellent. The three perspectives in that library cover a LOT of piano territory.

    As far as pianos go, I would say these two libraries are way out in front of the others I\'ve tried. They are both surprisingly versatile and work with a huge variety of styles. If I had to choose only one, I would have to pick the Bardstown...but I would at the same time be hard pressed to give up the Vinaudio C7...

    Happy playing, and be sure to post some of your impressions of the Bose.

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    Re: Yamaha C7 vs Bardstown Bosendorfer


    All of my scores use the Bardstown Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano. If you\'d like to listen to it in a few of my song-arrangemetns, My website is listed below. I do have 2 user demos on Bardstownaudio.com in the mp3 section. When it comes to choosing a piano, I would always prefer a piano having a longer history of success. The Borsendorfer has the milage and craftmanship of so many decades. You need to listen to user demos to make the right decision here.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Yamaha C7 vs Bardstown Bosendorfer

    I think many people misunderstand Yamaha. It is like pianos get pinholed into a catagory - like Robin Williams and movie parts. When a copmposer writes for piano he usually doesn\'t specify which one - unless he wan\'t the extra notes of the Bosendorfer Imperial... . I own a Yamaha and I\'m a classical pianist. I have to say the Vintaudio C7 is the most realistic demo I have heard. Sometimes I think people say - well the bosendorfer costs more to buy the real thing so it must have a more exotic sound. Just about every piano can be used in every situation however I really don\'t think Bosendorfers are often used in Pop music unless your going for a Tori Amos thing. Yamahas Steinways and Baldwins are and it seems to have a lot to do with the materials the pianos are made of. Jazz pianists often like Yamahas because the have harder wood and don\'t vibrate as much. The Bosendorfer is actually built to be (I believe there propoganda is) \"The piano that sings forever\". Because of the way the rim is constructed it is made to resonate more therefore it is fundamentally not supposed to be as crisp as a Yamaha. However I could be wrong - just my observations. The Vintaudio however is probably the first piano demo I\'ve heard that if I didn\'t know it was sampled I could have believed it was simply a recording of a C7 (one of my favorite pianos... .)
    just my 2 cents.
    Tom Martin

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    Re: Yamaha C7 vs Bardstown Bosendorfer

    Yamaha (any sample) and the Bos (any sample)? Can\'t compare them. Too different. Easier might be a comparison between the several Bos now on the market or, alternatively, of the several Yam. currently available.

    J. Grant

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