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Topic: Kirk Hunter solo strings loading

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    Kirk Hunter solo strings loading

    Anybody else experiencing long loading times with some of these strings.

    I thought it was just the insrtuments with mod wheel controlling various articluations that took long to load. but even the Marcato violin took some time.

    Honestly, I\'m experiencing 1-3 minute loading times. Of course some patches load in about 10 seconds, so not all, but many of the ones I\'ve loaded have had this slow loading. of course, there are lots of samples to load but...It can kill the creativity a bit.

    I read anotehr thread that said amount of RAM could be the issue. I\'m at 512 Mushkin RAM on a PIII 1GHz...is this part of the problem...computer is too old?

    Let me just add that the strings sound beautiful...no complaints there at all. Very inspiring sounds. Inspiring one to compose.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter solo strings loading

    I\'m experiencing the same thing. I\'ve been wanting to go through and make some smaller gigs for quicker loading but I\'ve been too busy. On one hand I like being able to load everything in one shot... on the other hand it\'s quite annoying. Go figure... can\'t I just be happy?

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    Re: Kirk Hunter solo strings loading

    I find that the SoloViolin MW=Spic/Det/HrdSus/Esp and the SoloCello MW=Spic/Det/Hrd Sus/Esp take a very long time to load. When I load these together as part of a template I leave my computer for about 3 to 5 minutes.

    The Viola loads up quickly.

    I have 1 gig of ram and and Pentium 4 running at 1.4 and I still have long loading times for some of the samples.

    By the way, you might check out these pieces I did with KH Solo strings.
    I\'d appreciate your comments.




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    Re: Kirk Hunter solo strings loading

    Well Marko...
    Your comps make me feel like I\'m playing with puppies on a beautiful summer day at the beach, while eating sorbet surrounded by stunning volleyball beauties and perhaps even a hot air balloon hovering gently overhead....

    not! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    But I DO love your pieces. I just ordered from Kirk today, but I am afraid you won\'t be hearing any of that from me for quite some time. You have some sinister progressions there my friend. Again... love \'em.


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    Re: Kirk Hunter solo strings loading

    Marko, you rock!! Nice pieces. All of them. and a very nice way to show the exceptional greatness of these strings.

    If you would be so kind as to list the instruments you\'re primarily using? Are you able to capture most of these articulations by loading the larger mod wheel files? or are you finding yourself having to load in a lot of different articulations and having to tweak a lot?

    Just curious. i have the strings but I\'m still new at getting to know them.

    BTW, you listed the two instruments that feel like they take 5 minutes each to load. You\'re right...it\'s load and then go do something else for 10 minutes...come back and get to work....but it does kind of kill the spontaniety of composing.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter solo strings loading

    Very cool marco! See, there is more music in the world then film scores!!!! Glad someone else sees that too [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Kirk Hunter solo strings loading

    Amen to that, Whaley!! I really get tired of the movie mood music stuff...

    Nice to hear something that\'s not meant to accompany a moving picture.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter solo strings loading

    I too am using the KHSS Solo string, but in Kontakt. I did not experience such long load times. It takes me around a minute to acces the whole Violin programs, and around 40 seconds to access the Cello and Viola programs. Once I have acces to one of these, it takes me between 5 and 15 seconds to convert a program in .nki format and start using it in Kontakt. However, I never load the mod wheel or key switch programs. I use either the simple multivelocity articulations (to use as is or to create my own Keyswitch programs) and the release triggered (the up and down) articulations.

    The system is a Dual Athlon 2200+ (1,8GHz) with 1Gb of RAM, and I use Kontak mostly as a VST-i in Cubase SX.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Kirk Hunter solo strings loading

    Here\'s my GS template with the KH articulations that I use on these pieces:

    1. (2) SoloVln MW=Spcc/Det/HrdSus/Esp
    2. (21) KhSolo Vln Up/Dwn Spiccato SLOWFAST
    3. (67) KhSolo Tremolo P-F
    4. (4) SoloVla MW=Spcc/Det/HrdSus/Esp
    5. (10) Solo Vla Up/DwnSpiccato SLOWFAST
    6. (6) KhSolo Vla Tremolo
    7. (3) SoloCello MW=Spcc/Det/HardSus/Esp
    8. (13) SoloCello Up/DwnSpiccato SLOWFAST
    9. (7) Solo Cello Tremolo
    10. (empty)
    11. (empty)
    12. (empty)
    13. Violin Pizz (Dan Dean)
    14. Viola Pizz (Dan Dean)
    15. SoloCello Pizz

    I substituted DanDean pizzicato for the viola and the violin. Those are the only non-KH samples.

    I find the the Up/Dwn Spiccato release trigger samples to be particularly effective. When these are played dynamically and in unison, they can provide a great effect too.

    I have been listening to Ginastera\'s String Quartets (the first two) in a particular recording by the Cuarteto Latinoamericano. It sends shivers up my spine whenever I listen to it.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter solo strings loading

    I\'m using KHSS in Halion and even importing the sets Kirk said might be troublesome in importing (actually, no problem there - just use Megatrigg judiciously); so far, it all runs very quickly over here. Go Figure. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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