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Topic: Help with Patch Editor Wizard

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    Help with Patch Editor Wizard

    Hi folks, Im currently using the Wizard (in the GS Patch Editor) to map out some drum samples.

    Here\'s I\'m doing:

    1. I add about 5 samples to my Wave Pool.

    2. Then I open the Wizard, name it Drums, click next, then select Ignore Unity and then finish.

    Here\'s the problem, for some odd reason my 5 wave samples don\'t get mapped out, I have to manually drag & drop each one. Also I have to manually turn off Pitch Tracking.

    Can anyone help me out and tell me what I\'m doing wrong?


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    Re: Help with Patch Editor Wizard

    Anyone out there that can help me out?

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    Re: Help with Patch Editor Wizard

    Hey Alec...

    I have been pulling my hair out as well with the same issue, mainly due to my lack of experience with and knowledge of GigaStudio and samplers in general.

    I got a great tip off of this site that may be useful to you as well. The tip was as follows:

    Open up a working .gig file of a drum kit, and replace the samples with the ones you want to use...like a better snare, kick, etc. Then do a \"save as\" and call it what you\'d like.

    This is what I will do from now on, rather than struggling to learn how to do it from the ground up. Why not take a \"template\", if you will, and fill it in with the samples you like!

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Help with Patch Editor Wizard

    Ok Hollywood, I figured out the problem!

    When you go into the wizard, the last screen you should click & select the 0-127 field. If you don\'t the samples don\'t get mapped out. When I selected 0-127 it worked for me!


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