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Topic: Any woman in the bizz?

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    Any woman in the bizz?

    Just now it comes to my mind, that I don\'t know any woman being a sample-library-productor. Btw on this forum it is also very rare to meet some(I\'m not here for that, well understood [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ). I recently read an article about woman conducting orchestars: It said there was a new sensitiv sound resuting! Maybe woman would have a new way to approch the sound of samples, a revolution in the sample world???
    What do you think?

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    Re: Any woman in the bizz?

    What about Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings? Jennifer Hruska produced that and formerly worked at Kurzweil.

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    Re: Any woman in the bizz?

    Ah! That\'s good to hear, I didn\'t knew that. But isn\'t it an extreme minority? Why is that so?

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    Re: Any woman in the bizz?

    Yes and Jennifer is pretty much as good as you get. She is in league of Eric Persing.

    There are also some women that are buisiness partners (and wives) in companies like Shelly Hiskey of Illio and Adrianna of Glasstracks\\Bigga Giggas and others like that in the buisness.


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    Senior Member Gary M. Thomas's Avatar
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    Re: Any woman in the bizz?

    Hey Markus...... Also, there are at least a couple ladies who post on this site. I\'ve read their posts... can\'t remember their names though. Maybe, they\'re reading this right now. Gary [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Any woman in the bizz?

    Hi Markus,

    Glad you started this thread. I\'ve often wondered the same thing. There\'s the issue of few women composers/producers, and then there\'s the issue of even fewer into midi/computer-based music. Can\'t tell you how surprised I am that so few females are on this forum. Outside of actresses, the entertainment industry as a whole is far more male-dominated in comparison with other industries. Like you, I would be interested to hear people\'s thoughts on why that is and why women have failed to \"infiltrate\" this profession to the degree they have others.

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    Re: Any woman in the bizz?

    It\'s almost like \"Pat\" from Saturday Night Live, but isn\'t Chris Lewis from this forum female???

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    Re: Any woman in the bizz?

    I think maybe it has to do with either a particular culture\'s ideas of acceptable careers for each gender, or maybe it\'s just that certain careers appeal to each gender\'s specific innate traits.

    I hate to generalize, but there is some truth to this:

    men: task/goal-oriented, don\'t see the big picture, logical/thinking
    women: more emotional capacity, see the big picture, feeling

    These represent the extremes of the spectrum: the manliest man, and the most feminine woman. Everyone on earth is somewhere in between the two. I think maybe careers like composing offer less emotional value compared to actually performing (playing the cello, etc.). To me, composing satisfies a need to create/build things. I would designate that need as more of a masculine quality than a feminine one. And this is not to say that women who compose are masculine, but maybe not as far towards the \"ultra feminine\" end of the spectrum. That\'s not a bad thing, so ladies, don\'t be offended. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I prefer my women more in the middle of the spectrum. I can\'t deal with girly girls.

    That\'s just my two cents. I think part of what people choose as a career is partly driven by the innate qualities of their gender, and partly of what\'s \"the norm\" in the society they live in.

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    Re: Any woman in the bizz?

    I think most women would consider that what we\'re doing is still playing with toys, you know, like little boys. Except, of course, when your composing with a real instrument like a piano and writing the notes on paper, then you are a real composer.

    Alex Cremers

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Any woman in the bizz?

    I work with many talented women. I don\'t think the number of women in high-profile music/composing/production gigs differs too much from any other industry. All industry was male dominated, virtually male-exclusive, for pretty much all of the written history of our species.

    So, if anything, it\'s only a matter of degree--a reflection of culture at large. All of the female artists I\'ve known have had to play the game by male rules to a degree...not so much in anything blatantly sexist, but in navigating the overall societal dance of men and women.

    I think it\'s tempting to assume men are better at this, women are better at that, but that is slippery stuff. If women wrote most of the music software, perhaps men would have trouble working with it while women found it simple and intuitive!

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