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Topic: vintage audio upright unstuff?

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    vintage audio upright unstuff?

    I just received the vintage audio upright collection for exs-24. I am unable to unstuff the archives I was sent. After about two hours of stuffit xpander running I get this message:
    an error has occurred while expanding the file \"Clinton.sitx\" (or \"Steinway.sitx\") (Archive was compressed with an unknown compression method)
    error #17535
    I\'m using the suggested version of stuffit xpander on a macintosh (I\'ve tried both osx and os9, and I\'ve even tried on virtual pc). I\'ve followed all of the included \"read me\" instructions. Has anyone had any luck with this?

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    Re: vintage audio upright unstuff?

    Have you downloaded the latest version of Expander (7.0.3)? Until I did that, I\'d received that message more times than I care to remember...


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    Re: vintage audio upright unstuff?

    Well, it\'s kind of a mute point since I\'ll be sending Dan here a DVD Monday, and I was emailing back and forth with him on this subject when he decided to post here anyway.
    I give up on cross platform compatible compression for Mac, DVD is the way to go, way less hasstles.

    Vintaudio Prod.

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