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Topic: What's this bass sound?

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    What\'s this bass sound?

    Ok, I know this is going to sound stupid, but I love the sound of the factory A16 B.Bass patch on my old Korg 01R/W. Anyone know what bass this was and where I could get more? What I really want is a modern sample library version of this bass with multiple dynamic levels, mutes, slides, harmonics, half and whole note hammer-ons, vibrato samples, alternate (anti-machine gunning) samples and samples of the same note on multiple strings. (For what it\'s worth I\'d trade fewer dynamic levels or less than chromatic sampling to get the other items on this list.) Is it just a Fender Jazz bass with tasteful EQ or something else? The closest I\'ve heard is the Pure Bass Ibanez, but it\'s not quite the same.

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    Re: What\'s this bass sound?


    I really like the Dan Dean Bass (acoustic-pz) for my Big Band scores..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: What\'s this bass sound?

    Hi James Thornton:

    I don\'t know what you are looking for but you can check www.scarbee.com and hear the \"naked\" demoes - maybe there is a sound you like...

    Otherwise good luck!

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    Re: What\'s this bass sound?

    Ok, I went down to my local Guitar Center to try and figure out what bass this was. Still not sure, but I did discover I prefer the sound of flatwound strings. Anyone done a sampled bass library with flatwound strings? Maybe a fretless Fender or Warwick?


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