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Topic: New Kontakt library releases

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    New Kontakt library releases

    PMI is pround to announce two new KONTAKT libraries: The 24 bit PMI GRANDIOSO Bösendorfer 290 and the Post Historic Keyboards.

    The PMI Bösendorfer 290 needs no introduction (I hope), is now available in full 24 bits. The library comes on a single DVD.
    To listen to how real it sounds please visit this topic
    The 24 bits version costs $275. Existing owners of the current 16 bit PMI Bösendorfer 290 who want to upgrade can contact me at: postpiano@xs4all.nl

    Post Historic Keyboards.
    This library features all the historic keyboards you can imagine: a Flemish harpsichord, a Frensh harpsichord, a Virginal and a Fortepiano. The harpsichords have been sampled so that you get both manuals separately AND combined. You can even use a key switch to change the registration (from upper manual only, to lower manual to both at the same time) while playing. All instruments are captured with their release sounds giving them an unbelievable realistic quality. The library is available in a Giga and a Kontakt version. Both are uncompressed and should run on any platform (Mac and PC).

    There is a special introduction offer (running one month)
    This product is available in my on-line shop.

    I made a couple of Bach’s Goldberg Variations demos (Aria and Ouverture) of each patch using the new sounds that can be found here:
    Flemish Lower manual
    Flemish Harpsichord Lower manual
    Flemish Harpsichord Upper manual
    Flemish Harpsichord 2 manuals
    Frensh Harpsichord Lower manual
    Frensh Harpsichord Upper manual
    Piece of Philip Glass ;-)

    The library price is $ 165. The introduction offer is $125.

    Our next Kontakt release will be a stunning Accordion collection in just a few weeks.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: New Kontakt library releases


    Any options for those of us (maybe it\'s only me) without a DVD?


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    Re: New Kontakt library releases

    Hehe... If you take the introductionary sale you can grab a DVD-ROM for the saved 40 [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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