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Topic: Bolder Repost Washer & Dryer SOW

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    Bolder Repost Washer & Dryer SOW

    Hello Giggers,

    I\'m doing some \"Sound of the Week\" Re-Runs over the next month or two. If you don\'t know what SOW\'s are they are freebie sound sets for various sampler platfroms from Bolder Sounds.

    The one I\'ve recently posted is the most frequently requested repost entitled \"Washer and Dryer Percussion\". It contains both loops and hits recorded in stereo with a Grace mic preamp and a set of Nuemann km184s. The washer and dryer are Kenmoore in case you are interested [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Follow the FREE STUFF link on the right side of the Bolder home page listed below. The \"Re-Runs\" are posted at the bottom of the page.

    The Bolder Spring sale ends in 10 days if you still want to grab the \"Best of Bolder\" Giga double CD ROM for $99.

    comments and questions are always welcome!

    Thanks! Dennis

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    Re: Bolder Repost Washer & Dryer SOW

    Dennis, this is a fun lib. I got it first time around, and my wife keeps asking, \"Honey, why did you hit my washing machine? I hope you didn\'t break it!\" [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


    BTW, how much more material is on the Granular CD that is not on Best of Bolder? Those are still my favorite sounds.

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    Re: Bolder Repost Washer & Dryer SOW

    On the Best of Bolder disc.... there are approximately 29 banks from The Akai Granular CD out of a total of 83.

    The reason I say \"approximately\" is because some of the samples on the Akai Cd were listed as separate entries, where in the Best of Bolder Giga version they were combined into one \"instrument\". So I guess somewhere in the ball park of 25% of the Granular disc is on the B.O.B disc.

    Since I\'m doing this spring sale and you\'ve already got 25% of the Granualr stuff on the B.O.B. disc... I\'d be happy to take 25% off the spring sale price for you if you\'d like.

    best wishes - Dennis

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